Infrequent Problems With Email

At least twice in the period November 1999 to March 2000, I have experienced lost email at both of my email providers. First, a system crash at IPAC from 11/16/99 through 11/17/99 resulted in emails being received at IPAC but lost before they could be distributed to users. Second, missing user id files at Interland, my former host for this domain, for possibly a one week period before 3/22/00, caused emails to be received but also not distributed to users. In both cases, the senders of these lost emails were not notified that the email was not delivered to the end users.

Hence email turns out to be a lot less reliable than I thought it was.

Since I answer every email I receive, albeit sometimes with a delay of up to several weeks, if you haven't heard from me it is possible that your email has gotten lost. Please send it again if that is the case.

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