Beyond Hiking: Adventure Hikes, Kayaking, Rock and Ice Climbing

Some brave souls go way beyond hiking. A hike involves following an established trail without using any special equipment such as ropes. There are plenty of trips in natural areas that can be done that involve rock-climbing, ropes, snow-gear, kayaks, etc.

Clearly, these trips should not be attempted by anyone who doesn't know what they are doing. Christopher Brennen phrased it very well for adventure hikes:


It is important to stress at the outset that there is always a significant danger associated with adventures into the wilderness. Those who wish to follow the adventure hikes in these webpages should be fully cognizant of those dangers and take appropriate precautions. The accounts are primarily intended for experienced hikers who will exercise informed judgement and caution. The hikes requiring technical expertise and equipment should never be undertaken without proper training and qualifications. Even given all this, the dangers should not be minimized. The accounts are offered with the understanding that readers will proceed entirely at their own risk.

However, it is clear that for those willing to do such things, they are a lot of fun!

Hence this page collects references to those who have written up their brave expeditions.


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