Links To Hikes in the SGM Not Yet Indexed

Alas, there are a number of fine hike writeups that I haven't yet had time to index. Rather than let them just languish in my bookmark files, I've collected them here so that readers can search this page for information. In addition to the titles of each page, I've tried to put keywords with each link so that a search for a given trail or place might succeed.

Many of these have been sent by Jane Strong and Anthony Sebestyen.

This page was begun on 2/19/00, and I'll gradually put my backlog into this page.

Hike Writeups

Wildernet's Angeles National Forest has 43 unindexed hike writeups (select Hiking & Walking under Activities, then click Go), or equivalently go to Sports: Yahoo: Angeles National Forest:

Remaining unlinked hikes from the official ANF Site's Take a Hike!:

GORP's Trails of San Gabriel (??). Two remaining Robinson's writeups: 63 Buckhorn to Little Rock Creek, and 64 Eagles Roost to Little Rock Creek.

GORP's Trails Database for the Angeles National Forest has 24 trails:

John McKinney's L.A. Times hikes:

Russell Bell's:

Christopher Earls Brennen's Adventure Hikes And Canyoneering In The Southwest:

There are also many places I need to index from Brennen's Adventure Hikes And Canyoneering In The San Gabriels. Note that these are not normal everyday hikes - they are way Beyond Hiking!

JPL Hiking Club Trip Reports:

Jerry Schad's San Diego Reader Hiking Site Roam-O-Rama:

Matt Maxon's:

So Cal Hikers: Hiking:

Alex Wolf's Hikes and Campouts:

DesertMud's Hiking, one single 66 kB page containing these hikes:

Big Tujunga Narrows (19Nov96). FS3N24 Colby Ranch road to the Narrows, hiking a long five miles downstream, where the drainage crosses the FS3N27 dirt road.

Carl Lambrecht's Hiking in Southern California (??). Baldy, Cucamonga Peak, Vetter Mountain.

WWW.GreenFly /Stories: Shortcut saddle to west fork of San Gabriel River (19Apr98), Bear Creek (San Gabriel River) (04Oct98).

G.O. Guide to ANF (??):

Tom Kenney's Big Rock Creek Road (??), including a vandalism incident to his parked truck at Valyermo Road and Big Rock Creek Road.

Bob Dollins' Mt. San Antonio and Echo Mountain.'s San Gabriel Mountains:

On The Loose Guidebook (??). Brief guide to Bear Creek, Cajon Pass, Cucamonga Canyon, Ice House Canyon, Iron Mountain via Hwy.39, Iron Mountain via Mt. Baldy, Mt. Baldy via Bear Flats, Mt. Baldy via Devil's Backbone, Mt. Baldy via Sierra Club Cabin, Ontario and Bighorn Peaks, Sunset Peak.

Smith Mountain (22Jan00, off SR39)

Mt. Baldy Website's San Antonio Falls to Sierra Club Ski Hut

The San Gabriel Mountains: A Mountain Biking Odyssey. Topo maps of the Brown Mountain Fire Road, Mount Wilson Toll Road, Mount Lowe Railroad, Chantry Flats.

MyBikeSite's Trail Central Listing for Los Angeles County has information on a number of trails, especially good for current conditions.

D. Harrison's Lytle Creek Trek

Trip Report for Mt. Islip Day Hike on 5/13/2000

Trail Runs Near JPL (list of way-points, distances and elevations for el prieto canyon, from Harry Langenbacher)

Charles De Jesus' San Gabriel Mountains (Toll Road, Mt. Wilson Rim Trail, Inspiration Point, Mount Hillyer, Mt. Wilson Trail)


Searching for Architectural Character: 19 ANF photos of rustic mountain cabins that exist on leased U.S. Forest Service lands in California.

The San Gabriels: An excellent panorama of the mountains as seen from the palmdale side.

Tom Kenney's Pictures of the San Gabriel Mountains: 4 pix of Twin Peaks, Triplet Rocks, Mt. Islip in Winter, sunset on Mt. Waterman.

Mt. Baldy Ski Area Photos

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