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I have found that two of the best things about this site are the trail updates and news about the SGM supplied by readers. (Another top best thing is the interaction with readers.) No one person could ever hope to stay current on the condition of the many trails and places in the SGM. But the audience of these pages is large enough that all of us can almost immediately find out about changes from readers who send in updates.

Hence I encourage you to email me ( any updates you find to the information here, or to another source such as a printed guidebook. I will post that information as soon as possible, and will credit you as the source if you give permission to do so. I won't put the name of anyone who emails me online without permission.

The updates are found in various places:

Such updates allow us to better plan our hikes, or know what to expect on a given hike, or increase the accuracy of the information about the San Gabriels. I certainly have learned much about the San Gabriels from readers, and much appreciate that information.

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