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By popular request, this page contains new links indexed in these pages as well as new or changed pages.

This eliminates having to search for such pages after reading about them in the Update Log. That log will still have to be consulted to find out exactly what got changed on a given page.

New links in the new or changed pages aren't listed separately here. Similarly, pages changed only by the addition of a link will not be repeated in the New Or Changed Pages. The page which contains the new link will be given in parentheses after the new link.

Pages that are regularly updated (news, conditions, temperatures, etc.) won't be listed here.

New Links

21 February 2002

  • Natural Science Section of the Sierra Club, Angeles Chapter (Field Guide / nathist / general)

    7 January 2002 Wildflower search page (Field Guide / plants / databases)

    Pacific Crest Trail Wildflowers (Field Guide / plants / databases)

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    New Or Changed Pages

    1 January 2002

    Bailey Canyon Trails (in trails; significantly updated page)

    Guide to Non-existent Planned Connector Trails Between Bailey Canyon Trail and the Mt. Wilson Trail (trails)

    Older "New Or Changed Pages"

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