Acknowledgments For Hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains Website

This site wouldn't exist if it weren't for two other people:

I then realized I had other information that hikers in the SGM might find useful. Craig had gotten me started with keeping trip logs of our hikes like he did, and I started to put those online.

Anthony Sebestyen quickly found my site and told me about his site. I linked to it and started linking to other sites he told me about. Probably as a result of that communication, one day in March 1997 I left my senses and decided to index the hikes on those websites within the master table.

Anthony continues to find about half of all the sites with hikes that I index, making this site far better than from my efforts alone.

A growing number of people have been sending me their hike reports or current hiking conditions, which I then place online. They include Dave Anderberg, John Fitzpatrick, William Flaxington, Matt Maxon, Dan Morrison and Paul Pebley. I've also received answers to questions I've posted from Dave Anderberg and Booth Hartley. Several anonymous authors have contributed a few items.

Jane Strong has provided wonderful feedback and suggestions in improving the site in many ways. She contributed so many links to the companion site (Field Guide to the San Gabriel Mountains) that she became a coauthor of it.

Roy Randall has reported current conditions as part of his hiking all 100 of the Trails in order, and has alerted me to broken links. His comments about different trails and experiences have added to my SGM knowledge.

Thanks to Dale Chapman for informing me about a broken link for hike 85. Many similar contributions are thanked in the Update Log or on the individual pages, as appropriate.

I began this page in February, 1998, so may have missed some previous contributors. If I have missed your name, please email me.

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