Update Log for T. Chester's Analysis Pages

22 August 2006 added plots of my hiking speed vs. max elevation on a trail.

18 July 2004 updated analysis of tomato harvest to add dates in 1994 when there were two successive nights above 55°., effect of cold temps on flavor, and possible end of lifetime signal in the fall.

29 July 2004 updated tomato page to mention it was only for full-size tomatoes, and to mention why I ignored sun angle.

17 July 2004 added analysis of tomato harvest; this was first page at tchester.org. all other updates below are at the znet site.

26 May 2004 added reference to science news article in uv exposure.

13 July 2000 updated url for l.a. traffic link.

4 September 1999 added holiday traffic increase to traffic.

13 August 1999 updated links on salary curve analysis and added plot of nasa salaries.

21 July 1999 minor changes to footer for herschel webpage.

8 July 1999 added time it takes on average for pages to be indexed by a search engine.

25 June 1999 added more to sun angle page about using 0.4 of max, sun damage to skin, and increased amount at lower latitudes.

9 December 1998 updated herschel experiment to include units on plot of distance along spectrum, and explanation of how to get physical distance.

29 November 1998 compared my sites to the most popular sites on the web in statistics!

17 November 1998 added explanation of why herschel got highest temperature in infrared, not orange light.

30 June 1998 updated jpl holidays.

15 December 1997 added analysis of human problems.

12 November 1997 Added another example of people not being hired due to their higher salaries: JPL Pathfinder Project

12 November 1997 Added two examples of people being laid-off due to their higher salaries.

23 October 1997 Added analysis of pedometer accuracy.

26 September 1997 Added analysis of engineering salaries.

30 August 1997 Added link to accuracy of high temperature predictions for Fallbrook.

30 April 1997 Added gas prices versus time.

24 April 1997 Updated title and meta description for la traffic.

18 April 1997 Added 210 freeway east from hill to sunflower.

14 April 1997 Added congestion tables to la traffic.

13 April 1997 Added la traffic pages, index.html and this update page.

22 August 1996 Added sun avoidance times and speed of updates to search engines.

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