Plant Species of the Borrego Desert: The 172 Most Common Species

See The Nifty Fifty: The 51 Most Common Species of the Borrego Desert for an introduction to this page, especially for all the caveats that go along with this list.

The lists linked here include all species observed on at least three of my 24 surveys, and thus includes the top 51 species as well. It is primarily intended as a list for beginning students of the Borrego Desert flora, as well as by photographers trying to learn the species name for a common flower they photographed. These 172 most common species are less than half of the 373 species I've observed so far, or about one-fourth of the 641 species, including records from others, from this entire area.

This list is preliminary, and should not be used for scientific purposes until I've finished my flora of the Borrego Desert, including reviewing the accuracy of my determinations. This is especially important for species only observed a small number of times. The results may change in the future as more fieldwork is done and more of my previous fieldwork is digitized, especially as more survey locations are added.

The checklist is available sorted by abundance, as well as sorted by family.

See The Nifty Fifty: The 51 Most Common Species of the Borrego Desert for an explanation of what the column headings mean.

Checklist sorted by abundance:

Checklist sorted by family:

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