Places of the Borrego Desert: Views of Henderson Canyon

The following photograph is a view of Henderson Canyon from Borrego Springs Road, just south of its intersection with Henderson Canyon Road:

I've drawn in the approximate locations of the blue-line drainages shown on the topo map below, and the main wash below. The black line is my guess at the hiking trail from the parking area to its junction with the main wash. (See also picture without added lines).

The following photographs show two views of upper Henderson Canyon, showing the north branch of the upper canyon, with labeled locations.

The topo map below shows the labeled locations, and the positions from which the following two photographs were taken:

The photographs have labels corresponding to the ones in the topo map above. Sight lines are given from position 1 to indicate how features line up from that location. No sight lines are shown from position 2, since that would have cluttered the map, but they are easy to put in with a ruler held up to the screen.

Red and yellow flags have been placed on locations visible from picture location 1 and 2, respectively, as determined from profile plots using Topo! software.

The green line gives locations surveyed in the north branch of the upper canyon on 1/12/09; The red line gives locations surveyed in the south branch of the upper canyon on 1/2/09 and 1/7/09. Picture location 2 is close to where those two branches join. Thin blue lines follow the unsurveyed upper drainages.

Photograph 1 from location 1, near the entrance to Henderson Canyon (unlabeled version):

Photograph 2 from location 2, from just below the junction of the upper branches of Henderson Canyon (unlabeled version):

Notes on the features:

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