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11 May 2023 updated determination for gilia on bright angel trail from G. ophthalmoides to G. clokeyi.

10 September 2022 updated plant guide to bright angel trail, and its flora page, from the 2021 field work.

6 September 2022 updated flora of Williams area along AZ64 north of I-40

24 September 2021 added flora of Prescott National Forest area along AZ89

23 September 2021 added flora of Williams area along AZ64 north of I-40

18 September 2021 updated family order flora for the bright angel trail.

17 September 2021 updated bright angel plant trail guide from 27-28 August 2019 fieldwork, as well as from iNat observations.

24 August 2019 updated bright angel plant trail guide to finally include the work done on the lower trail in May 2008, and added a family order flora list for just the bright angel trail. added link to iNat floral area.

12 August 2017 added flora of north kaibab trail upper portion from vouchers.

3 October 2016 added hermit and waldron plant trail guide and flora, from 8/24/16 fieldwork.

21 August 2016 added flora of dripping springs and hermit trail from 9/5/13 fieldwork and vouchers.

19 August 2016 updated bright angel plant trail guide from 9/3/13 fieldwork.

18 August 2016 updated symphoricarpos oreophilus page with results from 9/3/13 fieldwork.

1 September 2013 added mileages to grandview plant trail guide, put the species in their correct order, and added print versions. added print versions for bright angel, s. kaibab and grandview flora.

20 August 2013 corrected error in labeling the style appendage and stigma on the ericam nauseosa oreophila page, thanks to an email from tom schweich.

15 July 2012 updated flora of upper bright angel, s. kaibab and grandview trails to the version i thought i had last night, when i discovered that somehow many of the changes i had made had disappeared from the latest version. it is completely unclear how this happened.

14 July 2012 added flora of upper bright angel, s. kaibab and grandview trails, from our observations and from vouchers above 3800 feet elevation, with links to seinet for most species.

9 July 2012 added plant trail guide to grandview trail, including flora of that trail, along with pix pages for the six undetermined species on that trail. corrected id of the "gutierrezia sarothrae" in the cirsium arizonicum page to ericameria arizonica, one i had missed correcting a long time ago.

4 July 2012 added ash bedford as author on the s. kaibab trail plant guide.

3 July 2012 added kate watters and lauren berutich as authors on the bright angel plant trail guide, and thanked denise hudson for help with the 5 May 2008 fieldwork.

21 June 2012 updated plant trail guide to s. kaibab trail from some of the fieldwork on 4/25 and 4/26 2009, adding Arnie Peterson as an author.

20 June 2012 updated bright angel trail guide from fieldwork on 4/24/09; corrected determination for Descurainia sophia and renamed the page for that species.

22 April 2009 added initial plant trail guide to south kaibab trail, from fieldwork on 8/22-23/08; added info from wendy hodgson that my "yucca baccata X Y. elata" is probably just a form of Y. baccata.

21 April 2009 updated bright angel trail guide from fieldwork on 8/22/08; added new determination of Eurybia pulchra for the plants I misdetermined as "Symphyotrichum falcatum", thanks to input from Glenn Rink.

8 September 2008 added pages on yucca baccata X y. elata (which may only be an arborescent form of y. baccata), yucca elata, erioneuron pilosum and cercocarpus intricatus.

7 September 2008 added page on mentzelia multiflora = m. pumila.

6 September 2008 added page on chamaesyce polycarpa.

5 September 2008 added page on solidago missouriensis; added info from jan busco on Arenaria eastwoodiae.

4 September 2008 added page on Arenaria eastwoodiae.

3 September 2008 added links from bright angel plant trail guide to achnatherum parishii and Ceratocephala testiculata (I had forgotten to add those links on 21 August 2008), and to the galiums; added separate list of just the bright angel and south kaibab trail species that have pix online; added link to ba trail references on main Grand Canyon plants page; added a number of new species pages. There are now 69 species pages online.

21 August 2008 added partially revised bright angel plant trail guide, incorporating many, but not all, of the updates from the may 2008 fieldwork.

8 October 2007 added fieldwork dates and summary of list changes with time for bright angel trail.

7 October 2007 added partial species pages for species up to #37 that didn't have a full species page, also for #41, 45, 51, 58, 63 and 77, and the off-trail Fallugia and penstemon like P. barbatus. Disabled links to species pages that don't exist. 54 out of the 96 taxa now have a full or partial species page.

27-28 September 2007 added pages on species #55, 78, 86, 87, 89, and the off-trail not-numbered Selaginella mutica.

26 September 2007 added analysis page on Chrysothamnus nauseosus (=Ericameria nausosa) Subspecies With Glabrous Involucres At And Near The Grand Canyon, including species #17.

24-5 September 2007 added pages on species #9-16 from the bright angel trail.

23 September 2007 added guide to bright angel trail beginning at trailhead, and first 8 species pages; added checklist for hermits rest to grandview area; updated main plants page to include both pages.

21 September 2007 updated resources page to include stockert 1967 and phillips 1979.

16 September 2007 updated resources page to include usda plants and the Jepson Manual.

15 September 2007 added checklist of hermits rest to grandview, and updated resources page to include Huisinga et al new book, and southwest colorado wildflower page, and to update some bad urls.

23 September 2006 minor updates to asteraceae checklist and elevation ranges and bloom times.

22 September 2006 moved update log from znet to tchester.org; added plants index page; added three new pages: Grand Canyon National Park Asteraceae Checklist With Additional Information; Asteraceae Elevation Ranges And Bloom Times At The Grand Canyon; and White Prairie Daisy, Symphyotrichum falcatum, on the Bright Angel Trail

The following updates were all made on my znet site:

20 July 2001 corrected typo in pedometer accuracy (repetition of "downhill"), thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

30 November 2000 added art's last name to 1985 hike.

27 February 2000 added link to haughey's supai pages.

10 November 1999 added sherry's dm1 writeup.

26 October 1999 added more explanation to key.

22 October 1999 added steve's input about the improvement to the "terrifying descent" near beaver falls.

14 October 1999 added the wonderful input from barefoot@well.com on mooney and his tunnels.

8 October 1999 updated new hance writeups thanks to jane's comments; added bit more on heat problems to bright angel trail and corrected 3 typos.

6 October 1999 added new hance trail overview, and the 990926, 850629 and 860526 hikes.

2 October 1999 added bright angel 971020 and 990925 hikes.

23 September 1999 added two car travel logs 5/31/96 and 6/2/96. Linked pedometer page to gc finally!

18 September 1999 added experimental verification of what causes pedometer observed accuracy.

27 May 1999 added travel times from kingman and peach springs to supai fact sheet.

9 May 1999 added steve's observations about mooney tunnels.

11 October 1998 added page about origin of tunnels at Mooney Falls. Started update page for this site.

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