Plants of Southern California: Pictures of Chrysothamnus nauseosus subspecies bernardinus and consimilis

The following pictures, all taken by Tom of plants from the Angeles Crest Highway on 27 August 2004, show two plants growing nearly side-by-side, from a side view and from a top-down view.

Subspecies bernardinus is on the left; consimilis is on the right.

The following pictures show stems taken from two different plants, with bernardinus on the left and consimilis on the right.

Entire inflorescence with stem:

Closeup of the leaves and stems:

In the above picture, note the white stem of bernardinus and the white-green or yellow-green stem of consimilis. The periodic green dashes along the stem were a result of pressing the stem, and are not present on the plant itself.

Note the distinctly wider leaves of bernardinus. The length of the leaves varies from plant to plant.

Closeup of the leaves:

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