Plants of Southern California: Regional Floras

This page is an index to floras of various areas; it may or may not contain a flora for each of our Plant Trail Guides. Consult that list if you don't find a flora for an area including a given trail here.

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Introduction to the Regional Floras
Information about the order in which the species are presented in the Regional Floras, and the links from the Scientific Name and Common Name.
Search The Regional Floras
The Regional Floras

My ultimate goal is to provide Regional Floras for each of the broad regions of Southern California. Each of the Regional Floras in turn will link to floras of smaller areas within each Region.

Until I create the Regional Floras, this page will link to all available floras (with the exception of my Trail Guides, which are presented separately). Some of these sub-regional floras are lists I have put together to help with the Trail Guides, and some of them are floras done by others. Many of them are from Bob Muns.

The tables below also provide information about floras that are not online.

The Floras by Bob Muns are also collected together on a single page, since his lists are the largest and most uniform set of floras for Southern California.

All floras done prior to 2012 are in the 1993 Jepson Manual First Edition system. Floras updated or created after 2012 are in the 2012 Jepson Manual Second Edition system, and are indicated by JM2 System in the parenthetical information for each flora. Most of these now have links to Calphotos and to the JM2 treatment from the names of each taxon.

The dates for each flora represent the first time the flora was created. Many of them have since been updated, but the dates here remain unchanged.

Introduction to the Regional Floras

Search The Regional Floras

A detailed description of how to search the Regional Floras online at this site to find all occurrences of a given taxon is given in Search

The Regional Floras

The main list below is organized by geographic region of Southern California. Some floras are organized by political regions, and are given separately.

List by Political Region

This section only includes floras that combine at least two geographic regions, and therefore doesn't include any floras from the List by Geographic Region.

Orange County

Orange County contains portions of the South Coast and Peninsular Range.

Riverside County

Western Riverside County contains portions of the South Coast and Peninsular Range, with a very tiny slice of the Transverse Ranges.

San Diego County

San Diego County contains portions of the South Coast, Peninsular Range, and Sonoran Desert.

List by Geographic Region

Transverse Ranges (TR)

Mojave Desert (DMoj)

Channel Islands (ChI)

South Coast (SCo)

Peninsular Ranges (PR)

Sonoran Desert (DSon)

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