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Brief Introduction to this Checklist
Notes on Some Taxa

Brief Introduction to this Checklist

See Flora of Southern California: Master Checklist for a more complete Introduction to this page.

The plants in this list are found on pages 109 to 134 in the printed JM2, with additional species found only in the online JM2 manual. See the notes below.

Click on the Scientific Name to get the JM2 online entry for each taxon, which includes:

Some links to the JM2 online entry will return no JM2 online entry, since hybrids, and the taxa mentioned as judgment-reserved taxa, are not yet entered into the JM2 name index. Those links may work in the future.

Click on the Common Name to get the Calphotos pictures. Since some taxa have no photos at Calphotos, those links will return no pictures. Be aware that the names in Calphotos are not synonymized, which means that if the name has changed in the JM2, all the Calphotos may still be under the JM1 name, and will not be retrieved by this link.

The column with header #Obs gives the number of observations in my database of each taxon from plant trail guides and floras that I've done.

The column #Lists gives the number of checklists that I've digitized that contain each taxon.

See Flora of Southern California: Master Checklist for some of the biases in those numbers.


#FamilyScientific Name(*)Common Name#Obs#Lists
1IsoetaceaeIsoetes bolanderiBolander's quillwort01
2IsoetaceaeIsoetes howelliiHowell's quillwort07
3IsoetaceaeIsoetes howellii var. minimaHowell's quillwort00
4IsoetaceaeIsoetes nuttalliiNuttall's quillwort04
5IsoetaceaeIsoetes orcuttiiOrcutt's quillwort19
6SelaginellaceaeSelaginella asprellabluish spike-moss519
7SelaginellaceaeSelaginella bigeloviiBigelow's spike-moss2762
8SelaginellaceaeSelaginella cinerascensashy spike-moss315
9SelaginellaceaeSelaginella eremophiladesert spike-moss3019
10SelaginellaceaeSelaginella leucobryoidesMojave spike-moss00
11SelaginellaceaeSelaginella watsoniiWatson's spike-moss1119
12AspleniaceaeAsplenium septentrionalenorthern spleenwort11
13AspleniaceaeAsplenium vespertinumwestern spleenwort013
14AzollaceaeAzolla filiculoidesmosquito fern019
15AzollaceaeAzolla microphylla^Mexican mosquito fern00
16BlechnaceaeWoodwardia fimbriatagiant chain fern338
17DennstaedtiaceaePteridium aquilinum var. pubescensbracken6654
18DryopteridaceaeCyrtomium falcatum*Japanese netvein hollyfern07
19DryopteridaceaeDryopteris argutaCalifornia wood fern1749
20DryopteridaceaeDryopteris filix-masmale fern01
21DryopteridaceaePolystichum californicumCalifornia sword fern00
22DryopteridaceaePolystichum imbricanscliff sword fern07
23DryopteridaceaePolystichum imbricans ssp. curtumcliff sword fern619
24DryopteridaceaePolystichum imbricans ssp. imbricansrock sword fern04
25DryopteridaceaePolystichum kruckebergiiKruckeberg's sword fern01
26DryopteridaceaePolystichum munitumwestern sword fern05
27DryopteridaceaePolystichum scopulinummountain holly fern48
28EquisetaceaeEquisetum arvensefield horsetail323
29EquisetaceaeEquisetum hyemale ssp. affinehorsetail1429
30EquisetaceaeEquisetum laevigatumsmooth scouring rush838
31EquisetaceaeEquisetum telmateia ssp. brauniigiant horsetail017
32EquisetaceaeEquisetum XferrissiiFerris' horsetail01
33MarsileaceaeMarsilea vestita ssp. vestitaclover fern315
34MarsileaceaePilularia americanapillwort07
35OphioglossaceaeBotrychium crenulatumscalloped moonwort04
36OphioglossaceaeBotrychium simplex var. simplexlittle grapefern02
37OphioglossaceaeOphioglossum californicumCalifornia adder's-tongue16
38OphioglossaceaePsilotum nudum*skeleton fork fern03
39Polypodiaceae^Polypodium californicumCalifornia polypody1951
40PolypodiaceaePolypodium hesperiumwestern polypody1115
41PolypodiaceaePolypodium scoulerileather-leaf fern00
42PteridaceaeAdiantum aleuticumfive-fingered fern16
43PteridaceaeAdiantum capillus-venerismaidenhair fern635
44PteridaceaeAdiantum jordaniiCalifornia maidenhair fern735
45PteridaceaeArgyrochosma jonesiiJones' false cloak-fern04
46PteridaceaeArgyrochosma limitanea ssp. limitanea^cloak fern00
47PteridaceaeAspidotis californicaCalifornia lace fern1027
48PteridaceaeAspidotis densaIndian's dream02
49PteridaceaeAstrolepis cochisensisscaly cloak fern00
50PteridaceaeCheilanthes clevelandiiscaly lipfern518
51PteridaceaeCheilanthes cooperaeMrs. Cooper's lipfern03
52PteridaceaeCheilanthes covilleibeady lipfern2964
53PteridaceaeCheilanthes covillei X C. parryi'teensy lipfern04
54PteridaceaeCheilanthes feeislender lipfern01
55PteridaceaeCheilanthes intertextacoastal lip fern00
56PteridaceaeCheilanthes newberryicottony fern526
57PteridaceaeCheilanthes parryiwoolly lipfern5045
58PteridaceaeCheilanthes viscidasticky lipfern825
59PteridaceaeCheilanthes wootoniiWooton's lace fern10
60PteridaceaeCryptogramma acrostichoidesAmerican parsley fern16
61PteridaceaeNotholaena californicaCalifornia cloak fern1830
62PteridaceaeNotholaena californica ssp. californicaCalifornia cloak fern00
63PteridaceaeNotholaena californica ssp. leucophyllaCalifornia cloak fern00
64PteridaceaePellaea andromedifoliacoffee fern2457
65PteridaceaePellaea breweriBrewer's cliff-brake01
66PteridaceaePellaea mucronatabird's-foot fern011
67PteridaceaePellaea mucronata var. californicaCalifornia cliff-brake918
68PteridaceaePellaea mucronata var. mucronatabird's-foot fern5665
69PteridaceaePellaea truncatacliff brake14
70PteridaceaePentagramma triangularisgoldback fern111
71PteridaceaePentagramma triangularis ssp. maxonii^Maxon's silverback fern414
72PteridaceaePentagramma triangularis ssp. rebmanii^Rebman's silverback fern00
73PteridaceaePentagramma triangularis ssp. semipallidapale goldback fern00
74PteridaceaePentagramma triangularis ssp. triangularisgoldback fern3553
75PteridaceaePentagramma triangularis ssp. viscosasilverback fern811
76PteridaceaePteris cretica*Cretan brake00
77PteridaceaePteris tremula*brake02
78PteridaceaePteris vittata*ladder brake15
79SalviniaceaeSalvinia minima^*water spangles00
80SalviniaceaeSalvinia molesta^*giant salvina02
81SalviniaceaeSalvinia oblongifolia^*floating fern00
82ThelypteridaceaeThelypteris puberula var. sonorensisSonoran maiden fern07
83Woodsiaceae^Athyrium filix-femina var. cyclosorumsubarctic lady-fern2012
84Woodsiaceae^Cystopteris fragilisbrittle bladder fern4233
85Woodsiaceae^Woodsia oreganaOregon cliff fern16
86Woodsiaceae^Woodsia plummeraePlummer's woodsia03
87Woodsiaceae^Woodsia scopulinacliff fern01

Notes on Some Taxa

The taxa with notes are given in alphabetical order here.

Cheilanthes covillei X C. parryi. This is a rare F1 hybrid between the two species, and has been given the name C. xparishii, mentioned in the JM2 treatment for C. covillei.

Cheilanthes intertexta. Not given as a southern California taxa in JM1 or JM2, but there are now nine vouchers at the Consortium for southern California, from SnBr near Lake Arrowhead; from Andreas Canyon near Palm Springs; and from Cuyamaca Peak in the Cuyamaca / Laguna Mountains. One voucher was determined by Steve Boyd; another by Jon Rebman, both quite knowledgeable about fern species.

However, one of those vouchers was determined by Munz as C. intertexta in 1922, yet Munz did not place this species in southern California in his 1974 Flora of Southern California.

I personally know nothing about C. intertexta, but in the JM2 key it seems extremely close to C. clevelandii, a very common species in southern California:

5. 2-colored rhizome scales with well-defined, dark mid-stripe and light brown margins 1/2 to = width of mid-stripe; leaf gray-green, segments round to cordate ..... C. clevelandii

5'. 2-colored rhizome scales with well-defined, dark mid-stripe and light brown margins much narrower than mid-stripe; leaf dark green, segments round ..... C. intertexta

As a result, it wouldn't be terribly surprising if a very small number of C. clevelandii plants had characteristics closer to those in the key for C. intertexta.

It would be interesting to know if the JM2 author knew about these vouchers and rejected this determination, or if the JM2 author was unaware of these vouchers.

Pentagramma triangularis ssp. maxonii. This taxon is marked as having a change, but the change was not in its name. What has changed are voucher determinations. Many vouchers formerly determined as ssp. viscosa in southwest San Diego County have now been redetermined as ssp. maxonii.

Polypodium scouleri. Given as being in SCo, n ChI in the JM2, with this note: Pls called P.s. from n ChI are fertile or sterile hybrids involving P. californicum. SCo was added to its geographic range in JM2. It would be interesting to know if those plants are also hybrids.

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