Field Guide To The San Gabriel Mountains: Lizards

Common NameScientific NameCommentsLinks
Southern Alligator LizardElgaria multicarinatuscommon; largest local lizard; have prehensile tailsSCSC, CalPhotos, SCNH, SDNHM, CWRHS R040
California Legless Lizard*Anniella pulchrauncommon; in slightly moist areas with loose soilSCSC, CalPhotos, SCNH, CWRHS R043
Great Basin Collared Lizard;
was Desert Collared Lizard
Crotaphytus bicinctores;
was Crotaphytus insularis
uncommon; prefers rocky desert areas, especially washes; sometimes runs on two hind legsSCSC, CalPhotos, SCNH, CWRHS R017
Coast Horned Lizard*Phrynosoma coronatumuncommon, population declining rapidly; in open areas between shrubs and often near ant nestsSCSC, CalPhotos, SCNH, CWHRS R029
Southern Sagebrush Lizard Sceloporus graciosusa montane species, usually above 5000 feetSCSC, SCNH, CWHRS R023, Natural History
Western Fence LizardSceloporus occidentalis abundant, perches on rocks, fences, tree trunks; does "push-ups"; "blue belly" SCSC, CalPhotos, SCNH, SDNHM, CWHRS R022, Some notes...
Side-Blotched LizardUta stansburianaabundant; small; open habitats with rock or sandSCSC, CalPhotos, SCNH, SDNHM, CWHRS R024 from Desert USA
Gilbert SkinkEumeces gilbertiuncommon; in mountains; hunts for food under leaf litterSCSC, CalPhotos, SCNH, CWHRS R037
Western SkinkEumeces skiltonianuscommon, but secretive; loses tail easilySCSC, CalPhotos, SCNH, CWRHS R036
Western Whiptail*Cnemidophorus tigrisuncommon to common; very long tail; active runner; in sandy, gravelly washes and open areasSCSC, CalPhotos, SCNH, CWHRS R039

* Animals considered as special animals in the California Department of Fish and Game Natural Diversity Database List of Species, Reptiles.

This list was derived from the Eaton Canyon Docent Training Manual Windows into the Wild, November 1982, the Arroyo Seco Watershed Sanitary Survey, May 1996, Appendix E, Fish and Wildlife Species Occurring in the Forest, City of Pasadena Water and Power Department and SDEF Reptiles & Amphibians

Sources used in preparing this page:

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SCNH = Southern California Natural History
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SDNHM = San Diego Museum of Natural History Field Guide Reptiles and Amphibians
CWRHS R0xx = California Wildlife Habitat Relationships System Volume I: Amph[i]bians and Reptiles

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