Observations of Plants Blooming in the San Gabriel Mountains, With Locations, 2001

In these descriptions of the flowers blooming along the trails and roads, plants are generally only listed the first time they are seen along a given trail or road. An exception occurs for trips with significant elevation change. For those trips, the plants are repeated in each elevational section, so that one may see where each one drops out and thus obtain an elevational range, and a sense of the progression of seasons by altitude.

Single plants are listed for reference only and are not included in the Plants Blooming list or Blooms table. Plants that are just beginning to bloom are marked with (b) after the name, and those ending with (e).

For some plants where the common name might be ambiguous, we have given the scientific name in its first occurrence (in time order).

We include in these observations the presence of fruit of plants like toyons and manzanitas that are sometimes more colorful than their blossoms. Dodder is a special case, where we note simply the presence of the plant itself, since the entire plant is a bright orange. We also occasionally record other plants of interest that are not blooming. Such observations are usually given in parentheses.

Note that this page is in reverse chronological order, with the most recent observations given first.

May 21, San Olene Fire Road

May 15, Mt. Hillyer ridge from Santa Clara Divide Road

April 26, Eaton Canyon

April 18, Angeles Crest Highway, La Canada to Red Box


March 26, Sam Merrill Trail, first mile

March 26, Eaton Canyon Wash

March 25, La Tuna Canyon

March 24, Ben Overturff Trail / Sawpit Fire Road

March 20, Angeles Crest Highway

March 1, Big Tujunga Canyon to Angeles Forest Highway to Angeles Crest Highway

February 20, Marshall Canyon, Equestrian Center to ridge next to Cobal Canyon

February 11, Eaton Canyon

January 29, Cobb Estate

January 23, Moist Canyon [Eaton Canyon]

January 17, Lower Brown Mountain Fire Road (2N65), Millard Campground Parking Lot to Jct. with Upper Brown Mountain Fire Road (2N66)

January 9, Mt. Wilson Toll Road and Eaton Canyon

Observations July-December 2000

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