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Seasons of the San Gabriels 1999
San Gabriel Mountains Leaf Log

Seasons of the San Gabriels 1998

Seasons of the San Gabriels 1999

November 15, 1999
Big Rock Creek Revisited: The North Slope along the Manzanita Trail
bigleaf maple, canyon oak, mountain mahoghany, Lombardy poplar, cottonwood, sycamore

October 26, 1999
Pine Canyon Road
valley oak, rabbitbrush, foothill pine, blue oak, California buckeye, anglestem buckwheat, black oak, California buckwheat, cattails, willow, poison oak

October 3, 1999
Big Rock Creek
bigcone spruce, canyon oak, California sister, Indian paintbrush, pinyon pine, rabbitbrush, sycamore, Mormon tea, tumbleweed, hoary-aster, California juniper, silver cholla, four wing saltbush, Jimson weed

September 14, 1999
Vincent Gap along the Big Horn Mine Trail
blazing star, yerba santa, squaw currant, serviceberry, elderberry, western chokecherry, coffeeberry, willow, flannelbush, curl-leaved mountain mahogany, yellow pine, white fir

August 2, 1999
Mt. Williamson, return by way of Buckhorn and Chilao Campgrounds
Mt. Williamson, greenleaf manzanita, pine drops, golden-crowned kinglet, aster, sulfur flower, lemon lily, western bluebird, mullein, woolstar, Great Basin sagebrush, California fuchsia, rabbitbrush

July 30, 1999
Gabrielino Trail, Red Box to Switzer's Picnic Area
San Gabriel Fault, mugwort, crimson monkeyflower, virgin's bower, buckwheat

July 21, 1999
Throop Peak from Dawson Saddle
sneezeweed, corn lily, scarlet columbine, scarlet monkeyflower, rufous hummingbird, lodgepole pine, lodgepole chipmunk, lousewort, pincushion, red-flowered buckwheat, pink-flowered buckwheat, mousetails, pussy paws

July 15, 1999
Icehouse Canyon
incense cedar, bigleaf maple, canyon oak, nettle, California blackberry, scarlet columbine, western tiger swallowtail, American Robin, scarlet monkeyflower, California sister, satyr comma, ladybug

June 22, 1999
Mt. Hillyer from Santa Clara Divide Road on to Horse Flats
sugar pine, woolstars, flannelbush, imbricate phacelia, buck lotus, silvermat lotus

June 17, 1999
Mt. Lowe from Eaton Saddle
bigcone spruce, California bells, sword fern, deerbrush, agoseris, golden eardrops, pale swallowtail, rock buckwheat

May 20, 1999
Lightning Ridge
Coulter pine, pink-flowered buckwheat, yellow violet, blue-eyed mary, black oak, Green-tailed Towhee

May 12, 1999
Highway 2 to Islip Saddle
wallflower, incense cedar, scrub oak, white-flowered phacelia, bigleaf maple, yerba santa, Spanish broom

May 5, 1999
Eaton Canyon
coast live oak, Hermit Thrush, poison hemlock, Rock Wren, Western Fence Lizard, pincushion flower, blue-eyed grass, Western Rattlesnake, watercress

April 7, 1999
Las Flores Canyon after the Storm
brome grass, California sagebrush, Indian paintbrush, poison oak, wallflower, yucca

March 14, 1999
Bailey Canyon Trail
coast live oak, miner's lettuce, chickweed, eupatory, sweet alyssum, nightshade, cabbage white butterfly, rattlesnake weed, chaparral whitethorn, ashy-leaf buckwheat, tree swallow

March 4, 1999
Sam Merrill Trail
California Towhee, Golden-crowned Sparrow, wild cucumber, lichens, spike-moss, live-forever, California sagebrush, black sage, white sage, sugar bush, laurel sumac, California everlasting

February 27, 1999
Grizzly Flat Trail
bigberry manzanita, thickleaf yerba santa, hoaryleaf ceanothus, Wrentit, Spotted Towhee, silk-tassel bush, tree poppy, Western Scrub Jay, Sonora blue butterfly, bigleaf maple

February 13, 1999
Mt. Wilson Toll Road
California polypody, coffee fern, California lacefern, redstem filaree, Lesser Goldfinch, mourning cloak, Rufous-crowned Sparrow, rattlesnake weed, nightshade, sugar bush

January 13, 1999
Arroyo Seco
California sagebrush, white sage, bushtit, laurel sumac, white alder

January 9, 1999
Coyote Canyon, a tributary of Eaton Canyon
coast live oak, golden currant, phacelia, Audubon's warbler, blue-gray gnatcatcher, tree tobacco, Anna's hummingbird, starling, mule fat, cold front

December 19, 1998
Mt. Wilson to Mt. Harvard
upslope fog, bigcone spruce, Oregon junco, wrentit, band-tailed pigeon, mistletoe

December 7, 1998
Clear Creek Vista to Upper Chilao Picnic Area
snow, pink rocks, bigcone spruce, Jeffrey pine, Great Basin sagebrush, cottonwood, black bear, mule deer

November 25, 1998
Silver Moccasin Trail along the East Fork of Alder Creek
Jeffrey pine, canyon oak, white alder, poison oak, granite outcropping, bees, western scrub jay, mountain chickadee, raven, sagebrush, western gray squirrel, Townsend's solitaire, white-crowned, golden-crowned and song sparrows

San Gabriel Mountains Leaf Log

Wednesday, October 28, 1998
Mt. Baldy Road and Glendora Ridge Road
bigleaf maple, sugar pine, high peaks, pink clouds

Tuesday, October 20, 1998
A Mountain Circle Tour
elderberry, sycamore, willow, rabbitbrush, California quail, white-crowned sparrow, black oak, raven, corn lily, Arizona ash

Friday, October 9, 1998
Angeles Crest Highway, La Canada to Buckhorn
poison oak, chamise, sapsuckers, bracken fern, Painted Lady

Monday, September 28, 1998
Upper Big Tujunga Road
Fremont cottonwood

Tuesday, September 22, 1998
Highway 39, San Gabriel Canyon Road to Crystal Lake
Catalina eddy, Southern California black walnut, tree-of-heaven, California bay tree, Coulter pine, poison oak

Wednesday, September 9, 1998
The high country along Highway 2 from Big Pines to Buckhorn Campground
western chokecherry, black oak, Lombardy poplar, gilia, prickly poppy, painted ladies, golden eardrops, bighorn sheep

Thursday, September 3, 1998
Angeles Crest Highway, from 210 Freeway to Buckhorn Campground
bigleaf maple, scarlet monkeyflower, giant blazing star, California fuchsia, western gray squirrel, virga, Jeffrey pine, Wilson's warbler, western bluebird, sulphur flower, black phoebe, pine drops, thimbleberry, incense cedar, mountain mahogany

Thursday, August 27, 1998
Angeles Crest and Angeles Forest Highways, Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road
California buckwheat, wild oats, deerweed, chamise, poison oak, yucca, sycamore, black locust

Seasons of the San Gabriels 1998

July 1998
The Color of Yellow
El Niño, Spanish broom, Provence, pine pollen

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