Current Red Box to Strawberry Peak, Josephine Saddle, Colby Canyon Trail Conditions in the San Gabriel Mountains

Last observation: 17, 19 April 1997
Last significant rainfall: 27 February 1997
Last major fires: Fall 1993?
Reporter: Matt Maxon

I hiked from Colby Canyon to Strawberry Spur (Tank JW12) to Strawberry Potrero, to Lawlor Saddle, Red Box, Switzers, back to Colby Canyon, on 4/17/97 thur.

I also worked with the USFS and others on 4/19/97 sat on the Strawberry Peak Trail from Red Box toward Lawlor saddle.

Colby Canyon Trail is in good shape (hiked 4/17/97 & 4/19/97) with Delphiniums and Indian Paintbrush on the lower end of the trail.

Potrero Trail Is starting to get overgrown and has a lot of damage from mountain bikes as well as some minor blow downs.

The trail up from the Potrero to Lawlor Saddle is in reasonable shape, some mountain bike damage here, too, with just a trickle coming from Strawberry Spring.

Lawlor Saddle to Red Box is deteriorating and has extensive storm/slide & mountain bike damage but is still quite passable.

The section from Red Box to the Telephone Cable Route up to Lawlor / Barley Flats Ridge was worked on Sat 4/19/97. Washouts near Red Box on the abandoned Barley Flat Rd were repaired and brush clearance was performed from cable route to Barley Flat Rd.

The XC route to Strawberry Peak is good and bad. I last came down there sometime last December. I Came up XC from Strawberry Potrero and down to Lawlor saddle. The Scrub oak has been cleared for the most part but the ever-present yucca are numerous and painful. The class 3 western route is good down to the small saddle but is overgrown from there to 1/2 mile of Strawberry Spur tank.

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