Current Conditions for hike #3, Cienaga Public Campground to Pianobox, Fish Canyon Narrows, Rogers Camp, Lion Trail Camp, in the San Gabriel Mountains

Russell Bell, June, 1999

One can follow the stream bed for the first five miles of the trail but when one gets to the narrows one sees a pair of cairns that point to a place to scramble up the right side of the creek and follow along the side of the ridge over the difficult-to-pass portion. I ignored them until I got past the point I could walk through the water (nice pools for a dip!) then backtracked to them. A little bit after the narrows one comes to Lion Canyon camp, now down to one bench propped on two rocks and a fire ring; the stove has broken to pieces.

I followed the trail after this point. In less than a half mile one comes to the fork with the Burnt Peak Canyon Trail. Clearer at this point I followed it for a few hundred yards before I noticed I headed east, backtracked, and bushwhacked along the stream until I found the trail again.

Fish Canyon eventually opens up and one can follow it without bushwhacking or paying close attention to finding the remnants of the trail for about three miles past Lion Canyon. At this point the trail leaves Fish Canyon for an unnamed canyon that heads east while Fish Canyon continues north. A little way up the canyon the trail climbs out of it on the right side, meets the canyon nears its head, then rejoins the Gillette Mine trail at that hard-to-discern fork (I missed it when I hiked out and did not notice immediately when I rejoined it.)

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