Hike #48 in the San Gabriel Mountains
Duarte to Fish Canyon, Fish Canyon Falls

Yesterday (20Jun98) a friend and I went on the new trail to Fish Canyon Falls. I guess that the City of Duarte should get an A for effort, but alas a D for execution. This trail is difficult, poorly constructed -- significant portions will surely wash out in the next heavy rainy season, and entirely the wrong solution to the problem of access to Fish Canyon. Duarte would have better spent its money to arrange with the quarry company for a path through the quarry -- one that would provide safety for hikers without impacting quarry operations.

We took the new trail on our way in; on the way back we blundered onto a path that took easily took us through the quarry, avoiding the steep new trail and saving us more than an hour. Being Saturday, there were no quarry employees to challenge us. We came out near the beginning of the trail, close to the small parking lot.

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