24 Sam Merrill Trial - Altadena to Echo Mountain

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23 October 1996 not written up yet

23 July 1996

Participants: Craig Cheetham and Tom Chester
Date: 23 July 1996 (Written up 28 July 1996)

Pretty hot even at 5 pm today. Temperature was around 90 and humidity was high. We felt it on the way up.

The major excitement for this trail today is that about halfway up, a large rattlesnake fell out of a bush just above us on the trail, and fell down the slope to within 3 feet of me! There was a lot of rattling before the snake went on its way.

My average is about one rattlesnake per 50 Angeles Mountain hikes, and it has been around that since the last one.

Explanation of columns for all trip logs

#MileageTime arrivedTime leftAltitudeComments
00.005:001600Top of Lake Avenue.
12.456:113000Junction with old railway bed between Sunset Ridge and Echo Mountain.
22.456:123000Junction Sam Merrill, Castle Canyon Trail onward to Inspiration Point.
32.556:163050Echo Mountain
42.656:422950Leaving after snacking
65.057:471750Beginning of trail out of canyon. Sign: "Echo Mountain 2 miles"

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