26 Altadena to Henninger Flats

Participants: Craig Cheetham and Tom Chester
Date: 16 October 1996 (Written up 20 October 1996)

We parked our car on Crescent Drive, just north of Altadena Drive and just short of Pinecrest Drive, thanks to the selfish residents of Pinecrest Drive, who have now imposed a "2 hour parking" limit on Pinecrest. (See diatribe against such selfishness in Eaton Canyon to Henninger Flats trail description).

I noticed that the yellow markers described in Eaton Canyon to Henninger Flats trail description now have distance markings on them as well. It looks like they are spaced every tenth of a mile and give you a running commentary on how far you have gone and how far you have yet to go to Henninger Flats. I didn't check them for accuracy.

We hiked the last half hour down in darkness, but had no trouble following the road without flashlights using the bit of moonlight and the city lights. The gate was still open when we finished. The gate is supposed to be locked one hour after sunset, and I'm glad they didn't lock it earlier! The fencing is currently in good shape, so it would have been a long walk down to Eaton Canyon Nature Center and back to our car.

Explanation of columns for all trip logs

Recording numberMileageTime arrivedTime leftAltitudeComments
00.004:54 1250Crescent Dr. and Pinecrest Dr.
10.955:18 1500"1 mi. down, 1.65 mi up"
21.755:42 2050"2 mi. down, 0.7 mi up"
32.456:026:172550Henninger Flats
45.157:18 1300Car.

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