Links for hike #15 in the San Gabriel Mountains
Altadena to Oakwilde via Arroyo Seco

Topo Map. The parking for this trail is an area on the west side of Windsor just south of the corner of Ventura and Windsor (just above the "F" in "Five Acres School" near bottom middle of this map; the label for "Windsor" is just off the south edge of the map). The trail begins on the paved road marked "Private" on the map (public access is ok) heading north to "BM 1152". Scroll the map north to see more of the trail. The road is shown turning to dirt just below "BM 1343", and the trail continues along the Arroyo Seco River, but is not shown on the map until just past "BM 1490". The trail is shown to "Oakwilde Picnic Area", labeled on the map.

When available, the date of the described hike is given in parentheses for each link. See also 16-1: Angeles Crest Highway to Oakwilde, Arroyo Seco, Switzer Trail Camp, and Switzer Picnic Area.

Arroyo Seco to Oakwilde Campground via Pasadena / Altadena (08Mar06), Dan Simpson

Altadena to Oakwilde via Arroyo Seco (pre-1997?), Christopher Nyerges

Gabrielino/Arroyo Seco trails (09Oct00),

A Weekend at Oakwilde Camp (??), Christopher Nyerges.

The Arroyo Seco Foundation

Dead Links

These links can usually be obtained using the Internet Archive by pasting in the URL given below. Try the oldest version of each page first, since spammers often grab expired web domains and substitute ads for content. Trail Runs Near JPL: Arroyo Seco (1991), Mark Ryne, JPL Running Club. (list of way-points, distances and elevations to Oakwilde Picnic Area, measured by Harry Langenbacher with his mountain bicycle odometer) Arroyo Seco: Pedal Into L.A.'s Trolleyed Past (??), GORP, adapted from Robert Immler's Mountain Bicycling in the San Gabriels. (detailed guide to the first 3.75 miles to the Paul Little Picnic Area, giving mileages to hundredths. The title refers to others trails in pages connected to this page - no trolleys ever went on this trail!) Arroyo Seco to Switzer Falls (19Apr01), Bill Qualls. Arroyo Seco to Eaton Canyon Nature Center via Bear Canyon (22May00), Bill Qualls. PCC Geology 1 Field Trip: Arroyo Seco (Fall2000), Eric Hovanitz. (excellent pictures with captions of the Sierra Madre fault near the JPL west bridge abutment) 15: Altadena to Oakwilde via Arroyo Seco (23Aug98), Roy M. Randall Arroyo Seco (??), GORP. Arroyo Seco Short Ride (??), Andrew Rice, G.O. Guide (to Paul Little Picnic Area) Arroyo Seco Ride (??), Andrew Rice, G.O. Guide (to Oakwilde Picnic Area) Lower Arroyo Seco (05Jun98),

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