Links for hike #34 in the San Gabriel Mountains
Mt. Wilson to Harvard-Wilson Saddle, Mt. Harvard

Mt. Harvard itself is now inaccessible. The road to the summit now has a serious gate festooned with warnings against trespassing, and the private owner of that property has enclosed the summit with a razor wire fence to protect the antennae recently put up there. The rest of the hike can be done - only the end at Mt. Harvard is closed. (Source: The Lookout, Hundred Peaks Section, Sierra Club, December 2000.)

When available, the date of the described hike is given in parentheses for each link.

Roy Randall's Mt. Wilson to Harvard-Wilson Saddle, Mt. Harvard (21Nov98)

Field Guide to the SGM: Places: Mt. Wilson

Afoot and Afield in Los Angeles County, Schad, 2nd edition, September 2000 (1st printing), Area A-6, Trip 6, Mount Harvard, p. 217. (< 2000)

Trails of the Angeles, John W. Robinson, Seventh Edition, September 1998, #34, Mt. Wilson to Harvard-Wilson Saddle, Mt. Harvard, p. 79. (< 1998)

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