Links for hike #36 in the San Gabriel Mountains
Colby Canyon to Strawberry Peak

See also hike 37, which contains this hike. When available, the date of the described hike is given in parentheses for each link.

The JPL Trailbuilders report on 6/21/00 that they finished brushing the entire Colby Canyon Trail, but that "one slide area needs more expertise than we have (without Bill Reilly), so that will be surveyed by the Trail Boss program".

George Aumann reports on 4/1/00, from SR2 to Josephine Saddle:

Condition: Very good, but not for acrophobics (about one mile from trailhead). Recently brushed. No sign at the junction.

Colby Canyon Trail, Matt Maxon. Matt helps to maintain this trail, and thus gives fairly recent information about this trail.

Colby Canyon to Strawberry Peak (12Dec98), Roy Randall

Colby Canyon to Strawberry Peak (<1997), Tetsuo Fukuchi

Hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains (<1998), Willi Wilkens

Strawberry Peak (1976-1980), Charles Hayden

JPL Flyer Site - Trail Status 1, 2 and 3

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