Links for hike #54-2 and 3 in the San Gabriel Mountains
Charlton Flat to Vetter Mountain Lookout

54-2 and 54-3 Vetter Mountain Trails Map

There are two different trailheads and trails for this hike. Robinson's trailhead is the locked gate at the beginning of the Vetter Mountain Lookout access road, at the high point on the southwest of the Charlton Flat Picnic Area loop road. That hike follows the fire road, and is ~2 miles round-trip with 400' of altitude gain.

The alternate trailhead is near the north, lower end of the picnic area, opposite the Wolf Tree Nature Trail. That hike follows a trail, and is slightly longer. A loop hike using that trail, descending the fire road, and using the Silver Moccasin Trail to return to the trailhead is 3.3 miles with 700' of altitude gain.

The date of the described hike is given in parentheses for each link.

Angeles National Forest Service's Charlton Flat to Vetter Mountain (??)

Trails of the Angeles, John W. Robinson, Seventh Edition, September 1998, #55, Charlton Flat to Vetter Mountain Lookout, p. 111. (#54b in previous editions.) (??)

Afoot and Afield in Los Angeles County, Jerry Schad, First edition, May 1991 (4th printing, April 1995), Area A-7, Trip 2, Vetter Mountain, p. 197. (< 1991)

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