Links for hike #62 and #62-1 in the San Gabriel Mountains
Buckhorn Campground to Buckhorn Falls, Cooper Canyon, Little Rock Creek

This page combines the two hikes since #62-1 is just a short sidetrip away from #62. Hike #62-1 is Buckhorn Campground to Buckhorn Falls, and hike #62 is Buckhorn Campground to Cooper Canyon, Little Rock Creek.

The mileages for hike #62 vary according to the terminus of the hike. Schad quotes 3.0 miles roundtrip, 800' gain, going to the Falls and back. The Angeles National Forest Service quotes 4.4 miles roundtrip, 900', going to Little Rock Creek and back. Finally, Robinson quotes 5 miles roundtrip, 900' gain, but assumes you will boulder-hop down Little Rock Creek for a half-mile or so.

My pedometer recorded 3.95 miles roundtrip when I hiked to just before Little Rock Creek on 6/28/99. Since the distance between the Falls and Little Rock Creek is 0.22 miles according to the topo map, my pedometer implies that a roundtrip to the Falls would be at least 3.5 miles, taking into account its largest expected error. Thus I think that Schad's mileage is a typo, with the correct mileage being closer to 4.0.

Be aware that Buckhorn Campground can also be closed due to snow. The hike can still be done by parking along SR2 which will add a total length of 0.7 miles to the hike.

The date of the described hike is given in parentheses for each link.

John Robinson's Hiking Above Los Angeles: Buckhorn to Cooper Canyon (writeup from Trails of the Angeles hosted by GORP)

Angeles National Forest Service's Buckhorn Campground to Cooper Canyon, Little Rock Creek (??)

Jane Strong's Buckhorn Falls (7Sep99)

Amanda K. Erickson's Cooper Canyon non-hike due to snow closure (17May98)

Jordan Brown's Buckhorn Campground to Cooper Canyon Falls (1Aug93)

Willi Wilkens - Hiking 1 (??)

Trails of the Angeles, John W. Robinson, Seventh Edition, September 1998, #62, Buckhorn Campground to Cooper Canyon, Little Rock Creek, p. 122. (??) (See first link above)

Afoot and Afield in Los Angeles County, Jerry Schad, First edition, May 1991 (4th printing, April 1995), Area A-11, Trip 1, p. 225, (Buckhorn Campground to) Cooper Canyon Falls. (<1991)

Jerry Schad's L.A. Times Hiking site - Cooper Canyon Falls has been taken offline forever.

Chris Shaffer's Buckhorn Falls and Cooper Canyon Falls (1/1/99)
Note from Jane Strong: Buckhorn Falls is composed of several tiers about 0.2 mile apart, so the 100' drop comes in several stages.
Unfortunately, Chris took his pages offline and so they are no longer available.

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