Links for hike #77 - 77.2 in the San Gabriel Mountains
Islip Saddle or Pine Hollow to Little Jimmy Campground and Mt. Islip

See also 76 Crystal Lake to Little Jimmy Spring, Mt. Islip and 77.3 Islip Saddle to Windy Gap, Mt. Hawkins, Throop Peak, Mt. Baden-Powell, Vincent Gap. The date of the described hike is given in parentheses for each link.

These hikes start from either of two trailheads 1.5 miles apart, but travel much the same route to Mt. Islip. The hike starting from Islip Saddle is 7 miles roundtrip and 1,500' of altitude gain, and the hike starting from Pine Hollow is 5.6 miles round-trip and 1,250'. The Pine Hollow trailhead is 1.5 miles east of Islip Saddle along SR2 at milepost 65.5, opposite the now-removed Pine Hollow Picnic Area. The addition of the Windy Gap Loop makes the hike 8 miles and 2,300'.

Angeles National Forest Service's Islip Saddle to Little Jimmy Campground and Mt. Islip (??)

George Aumann's Position accuracy achievable with the DGPS beacon receiver and the Garmin GPS12 from Little Jimmy Campground to the Cienega trail turn-off to Mt. Islip. (06Sep99)

Tetsuo Fukuchi's Islip Saddle to Little Jimmy Campground and Mt. Islip (??)

JPL Hiking Club's Islip Saddle, Little Jimmy Campground, Mt. Islip, Windy Gap Loop (27Jul96)

Trails of the Angeles, John W. Robinson, Seventh Edition, September 1998, #77, Islip Saddle to Little Jimmy Campground and Mt. Islip, p. 143. (??)
Update to Robinson 1998: Delete the last paragraph under Description, p. 144. This paragraph is a holdover from the previous incarnation of this hike (e.g., the 1976 3rd edition), when trip 77 started at now-removed Pine Hollow Picnic Area, which is 1.5 miles east of Islip Saddle. (Update from Jane Strong.)

Afoot and Afield in Los Angeles County, Jerry Schad, First edition, May 1991 (4th printing, April 1995), Area A-11, Hike 5, p. 230, describes the hike from milepost 65.5.

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