Links for hike #86 in the San Gabriel Mountains
East Fork Ranger Station to Iron Mountain

See also 86.1 and 87. The date of the described hike is given in parentheses for each link.

Angeles Volunteer News (16Nov97)

Charles Hayden's Iron Mountain Trip 1997 (Mar97)

Reports of Trail Conditions

17Dec01: David Rosenberg reports:

I hiked Iron Mountain in August (yes, it was hot). The trail up to the ridge is fine. The real bushy part is from there until the 4,500 foot saddle where the trail? to the Allison Mine cuts off. I actually felt that the section from there to Iron Mountain was less bushy then this section. There had been somebody cutting the yuccas for the first mile or so towards the 4,500 foot saddle but apparently he got tired or was running out of time because he/she stopped and I got speared, a pleasure as always.

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