Hiking Areas Close To The Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests

This page gives a list of hiking areas close to the Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests, with special emphasis on those areas that contain hills or mountains. This list is of special interest during the closure of those Forests in 2002 due to the extreme drought and the consequent extreme fire danger. It is possible that any or all of these areas might close as well. Hence we strongly recommend that you call ahead to see if a given area is still open.

We would appreciate feedback on which, if any, of the places on this list are closed as well, so we can note their closure on this list.

Warning: you may wish to avoid any areas where hunting is allowed, until the end of hunting season!

All the closed forest areas are also closed to hunters, which concentrates the hunters in the same areas where hikers and bikers are now concentrated. It was reported in the San Diego Union-Tribune that even hunters are complaining about how unsafe it is for other hunters in these areas. And the hunters are wearing day-glo orange vests...

A hike sponsored by the Hundred Peaks Section of the Sierra Club was recently canceled due to the very large number of hunters they saw in the area. The HPS is made of very tough and brave folks for the most part, who were going to do a 12 mile roundtrip, 4800 feet elevation gain hike 27 miles from Gorman. But they decided it was much safer to change their hike to Frazier Park.

Deer hunting season ends in San Diego County on November 24.

North of the Mountains

East of the Mountains

South of the Mountains

West of the Mountains


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