Feeling Ripped Off....

Marsha Sorensen

8 November 1997

I am a long time recreation user of the Los Padres National Forest. I have had many chances to experience the new fee pilot program instituted in our forest. What I have had a chance to observe is:

  1. litter is now worse than it ever was before the fee program.
  2. some bathrooms are locked for personal use by the new camp hosts.
  3. visiters using the area are fewer since the program has been in effect. Therefore, after costs incurred by the private vendor, 20% of nothing is nothing.
  4. The campgrounds and surrounding areas are not kept nearly up to past standards for weed abatement.
  5. picnic tables and bbq pits are disappearing faster then they can be replaced.

The promises that were made to us by the Forest Service have not been kept and I feel generally ripped off. I've volunteered on trail maintenance for many years and I no longer plan on doing that. Many others feel as I do. We are thoroughly disgusted so far. I hope you stay on top of this and report further developments.

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