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Follows Camp is located three miles up the East Fork of the San Gabriel River on a broad bench south of the River. The Camp was founded by Ralph Follows in 1896. In 1891, Ralph moved to San Gabriel Canyon from England hoping for, and receiving, a cure for his severe case of tuberculosis

Follows married Jennie Heaton, daughter of canyon miner William Heaton, in 1897. They quickly built Follows Camp into the largest and most famous resort in the Canyon. Guests arrived via the famous four-horse Follows Stage for the 12 mile trip up the Canyon, which required ~40 river crossings.

In 1925 the Canyon road was paved, making the trip too easy and the resort correspondingly less romantic, and the resort declined.

The Ferguson property, just downstream, was combined with the original Follows Camp in 1975 and 1976. The Ferguson property was a religious retreat called "Beulah Land" briefly after World War II, and became "Shady Oaks" in the early 1950s, with a store and picnic area.

In 1990, Follows Camp had 230 permanent residents living in cabins and mobile homes, and 200 campsites on 85 acres.

Source: The San Gabriels, John W. Robinson, p. 222-224, 235-236.


Topo Map (34.23371° N, 117.80706° W)

By Car: From I210 take SR39 to its junction with the East Fork Road. Follows Camp is three miles up the East Fork.

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