Private Property For Sale By "Bridge To Nowhere"

Frank Saunders

A few generations back, my grandfather and his partners claimed the Horseshoe Mine and Horseshoe Mine Annex on the East Fork of the San Gabriel River outside Los Angeles. In the 1930's, the County built a road up as far as the Narrows [which are just north of the property] and started a tunnel. Unfortunately for the road, one of our four or five hundred-year floods came along and wiped out the road in large part. Years later, the County formally abandoned the road. Now for the interesting part. We are left with 50 acres surrounding the Bridge to Nowhere, called by some authors one of the prettiest areas on the East Fork. I am most interested in either using the property or disposing of it by sale or trade. It is presently rented both for recreational gold mining and to Bungee America, who conducts jumps from the Bridge. This beautiful parcel needs to stay in private hands.

There is another parcel, which may be even more interesting. 32 acres really isolated up on the Shoulder of Sheep Mountain, 2-3 miles from the Bridge. This is one of the last of the Bighorn Sheep Breeding areas. Access guaranteed by the Wilderness Act, but roads are a scarcity up there. The interesting part is that it guarantees access to the Wilderness Area, regardless of future USFS policies.

If anyone is interested in either of these two properties, please email Frank Saunders.

Note from Tom Chester: I placed this information online on 5 October 1998 free of charge since this is interesting information about the ANF. I have no connection with Frank Saunders, and know little about these properties. As always, Caveat Emptor!

Note added in 2004: no sale ever developed. See Horseshoe Mine.

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