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General Information

South Mt. Hawkins Lookout (7,783') is located near the Crystal Lake Recreation Area which is accessible from the San Gabriel Canyon Road, State Route 39. Drainage goes to the North and East Forks of the San Gabriel River.

South Mt. Hawkins is named for Nellie Hawkins who was a waitress at a resort in the canyon.

The Lookout was "10-8" or "back in service" on September 19, 1999. It is the second fire lookout tower in the ANF to be refurbished and reopened for public visitation. Vetter Mountain near Charlton Flat was the first.

Forty-four steps lead up the tower to the 14' x 14' cab. Inside the window-wrapped room are a bed, stove, sink, desk and in the center, an Osborne Firefinder which is used to locate fires. See the Angeles Volunteer News for September 1998 link below for an explanation of its use.


Map: San Gabriel River Region (CL marks the location, near the center of the map)
See also: USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map: Crystal Lake (34° 18' 42" N, 117° 48' 33" W)

By Car: From Interstate 210, go north on Azusa Avenue, State Route 39, about 29 miles in distance and about 45 minutes in driving time to the Crystal Lake Recreation Area.

A $5.00 fee is charged for entrance to Crystal Lake. The Forest Adventure Pass is not accepted.

By Trail: North from Hawkins Ridge Trail, a spur off of the Pacific Crest Trail, 2.6 miles. West from Crystal Lake on South Mt. Hawkins Fire Road, 5 miles.

Season: The Lookout will probably close for the winter in late November.


Warning: this list does not get updated as often as the hikes listed in the region tables. Consult San Gabriel River Region Hikes for the latest listing.

7692200jun-octCrystal Lake to Little Jimmy Spring, Mt. Islip
76.151800jun-octWindy Gap Trail: Crystal Lake to Little Jimmy Spring
78173300jun-octMiddle High Country: Crystal Lake to Windy Gap, Mt. Hawkins, Throop Peak, Mt. Baden-Powell
79122800jun-octCrystal Lake to Mt. Hawkins and South Mt. Hawkins Lookout

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