Hike Information Summary

This page lists the number of hikes, trailheads and web references found in the tables.

As of 10 November 2000, I list 195 different hikes from 91 different trailheads. I have put 25 detailed ANF hike descriptions on the web, and I have found 148 other hike descriptions containing some information about a hike, including the ones I have put online for others. Because some of these reference the same hike, a total of 143 hikes of the 195 listed here (73%) have some web information.

These numbers now reflect the removal of the Adventure West site which had 18 hike descriptions online.

The following table summarizes the hikes by area and the amount of web information in my tables.

AreaNumber of HikesNumber of TrailheadsNumber of Hikes With Web ReferencesPercent Hikes Referenced on Web
Mt. Wilson72244664%
San Gabriel River20101365%
Mt. Baldy2191781%

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