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This page reports the current online status of the webpages external to my site that I have linked to. With ~500 such external links, at any given time some of them are bound to have problems. If you find problems with any other links, please email me.

Links sometimes temporarily fail to work for a number of reasons, such as their webserver being down for problems or maintenance, or problems with looking up the numeric equivalent of a domain name, so you should try any failed link a day or two later if you really want to view it. I encourage you to email me even with a single failure observation and I will try it again myself later.

If a page has moved due to url reorganization at a site, one trick is to "move up" the directory path at the website you are trying to reach, by deleting all characters after the last backslash in the url, until you find an index page giving the new location. The author may also have replaced the ".html" extension by ".htm" or vice versa.

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