Acknowledgments For Field Guide to the San Gabriel Mountains Website

This site came into existence as an outgrowth of the Hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains site. So many people had put so much information about the SGM online that the page of Links To Other ANF Sites took on a life of its own, and became this page. So first of all we thank all the authors linked in this site.

We thank Anthony Sebestyen for contributing many of the links.

Others have sent us interesting sites, articles, news, etc., including Gary Valle. Mike Burgess alerted us to the change of area code for the forest service.

We thank shey for putting the following links on his links page, which we have also then linked to: the Pelona Schist article and So. Cal. Eq. Center's fault info pages.

We thank Paul Ayers for news input and for adding a number of books to the SGM Books page.

Many individual contributions are thanked in the Update Log or on the individual pages, as appropriate.

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