Update Log for San Gabriel Mountains Websites

"Tota" is short for Trails of the Angeles. "Other" is usually short for the webpage "links to other ANF pages". "We" means jane strong and myself.

Update log for blooms and bloom identification guide.

7 June 2021 added link to updated Angeles Crest Scenic Byway Roadside Inventory (2019), thanks to Michael Smith.

17 October 2020 updated endemics page with further distribution of quercus durata gabrielensis, thanks to input from Roger Gray.

12 July 2020 updated helen's page on cougar attacks with new ss.

12 May 2020 updated "private property for sale on mt. wilson" to note that it is of historical interest only.

17 March 2020 updated helen's page on cougar attacks with new ss.

25 February 2020 updated helen's page on cougar attacks with new ss.

19 August 2019 updated helen's page on cougar attacks with new ss.

24 May 2018 updated helen's page on cougar attacks with new ss.

23 October 2017 updated pine primer for SnGb again, in the descriptions, correcting distribution of limber pine by removing citation of Mt. Baldy, thanks to an inquiry from david money harris about its existence there. additional updates of correcting some elevations; adding comment about ridgetop locations for limber pine.

22 October 2017 updated pine primer for SnGb, putting pinus flexilis down to 8000 feet, thanks to input from david money harris from his observations on the east ridge of mt. baden-powell; revising ponderosa / jeffrey couplet to refer to our main analysis page on them, and linking a map of their distribution at SnGb; added using cones to distinguish sugar and limber.

26 September 2017 updated cougar attack pages to state i no longer update them; that linda lewis died in a car crash; that her website can be retrieved from the internet archive; and to link the current compilation from helen mcginnis.

26 June 2017 updated "How To Calculate Distances, Azimuths and Elevation Angles Of Peaks" to correct a typo in the example spreadsheet program that was reflected in the example calculation online, thanks to sharp-eyed sid shumate. i also put a direct link to the example spreadsheet online.

13 October 2015 added arctostaphylos parryana tumescens to the table 1 comparing a. glandulosa subspecies at SnGb.

8 September 2015 new links for two "places": jackson lake and table mountain.

26 October 2014 added new directions to owen brown's grave, thanks to michael charters.

11 July 2014 added pix of the nascent infl for Arctostaphylos parryana and A. patula to the manzanita page.

20 August 2013 correct one error in the arctostaphylos distribution, where we mistakenly had an "a. parryana" at islip saddle.

29 November 2012 added link to wrightwoodca.com to places, thanks to input from brett murphy.

9 February 2011 updated link for volunteer orgs / sar for wrightwood phelan, thanks to input from Brett Murphy.

19 October 2010 updated cougar attack page to update url for linda lewis' pages.

20 October 2009 updated pine page to remove comment about coulter pine needles being the longest in the world; it looks like they aren't.

12 November 2007 updated mountain lion attack page to include possibility that mark reynolds died of a heart attack, not a cougar attack. I also corrected distance to whiting ranch from l.a. and s.d., thanks to input from Nate from Manoa.

23 February 2007 jane added page on info sources, especially for road conditions.

26 January 2007 updated lion attacks in California with the last two attacks, courtesy of linda lewis.

14 January 2007 updated willow primer.

10 December 2006 added antelope valley conservancy to volunteer orgs.

26 November 2006 jane added page giving sr2 damage in march 2006.

3 September 2006 added links to two simpson pages: #96 and #98, and moved dead links on those pages to archive links.

22 August 2006 added link to new webpage on hiking speed vs. elevation.

10 May 2006 added link to dan simpson's echo mtn hike, #24, thanks to input from dan, and removed dead urls to internet archive section.

2 May 2006 updated link for moore's drawing of ceanothus cuneatus, in plants / keys / ceanothus, thanks to input from cliff mclean; updated waterfall page to distinguish between the 15' lower pasadena glen falls, and the harder-to-reach 35' falls, thanks to dan simpson; also changed link for pix of that falls.

20 March 2006 redid the 3/17/06 update, which got lost when my site crashed and my webhost didn't tell me they restored it to something like 3/8/06.

17 March 2006 updated links for #15, thanks to input from Dan Simpson.

28 February 2006 corrected typo in mountain lion attacks page, where I wrote 1990 instead of 1900 for the 1.5 million population then, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

25 February 2006 corrected the identification for chamaesyce melanadenia in the eaton canyon flora and the mt. wilson toll road, thanks to Jason Hollinger.

18 February 2006 clarified the hunting deaths of cougars early in the century as being reported, with more unreported killings, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

2 January 2006 added link to simpson's stoddard peak page, correcting the elevation gain to 1100 feet (from 1000 feet), thanks to input from dan.

3 December 2005 added link to spherical panoramas, thanks to an email from Carel Struycken.

26 October 2005 added number of mule deer killed by hunters and number of permits issued, to numbers.

14 September 2005 updated plants culinary page to be more precise on tarragon

10 August 2005 updated url for sock hitchhikers in conditions, thanks to input from linda lewis.

9 August 2005 added link to linda lewis pix of bear poop.

14 July 2005 updated url for usgs geographic place names query for u.s. in both general / maps and how to calculate view params of peaks, and the gis faq url there, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

10 July 2005 updated link to topo map for hike 15.

22 June 2005 updated bugs page to remove link to a "10 inch-long 7-10 day-old baby Southern Pacific Rattlesnake" since that pix was of a Hypsiglena torquata! Thanks to Erik McCormick for that correction.

18 April 2005 we added link to caltrans map showing mile markers to afh and sr2 logs.

9 April 2005 added links to dan simpson's shoemaker road, monrovia canyon falls, telegraph / thunder mountain, and timber mountain pages; corrected fee for monrovia canyon park, all thanks to input from dan.

1 April 2005 added additional information on roger dahl's death, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

5 March 2005 added link to peak plotting program, which I should have done years ago.

21 February 2005 added dick swinney's work-in-progress eastern SGM flora online; moved links from SGM pages to regional flora page.

4 February 2005 added link to bobcat-as-mountain-lion sighting at the srp, in mountain lion attacks.

14 January 2005 jane added link to l.a. county road closures.

9 January 2005 added first-person report of bailey canyon debris flow from neill southwick.

2 January 2005 added link to www.devils-punchbowl.com/, thanks to an email from its webmaster.

25 December 2004 added link to favicon in two main SGM pages, for display in firefox.

24 December 2004 moved closure info from prominent spot on pages to news; added ryon's fish canyon trail report; added rubio debris pile collapse to news.

17 December 2004 updated remaining closure areas from 2003 fires.

12 December 2004 added topowest to maps, thanks to michael charters.

11 December 2004 updated usgs urls for topo maps, and names information system.

28 November 2004 added link to dan simpson's hiking page and localhikes l.a. area page in activities / hiking, thanks to input from dan; updated urls there for jpl hiking club, matt maxon; deleted link to schad's l.a. times hiking site, which is long gone.

18 November 2004 added flora of the pine belt of the SGM by the hawkes; corrected typo in hike link from places / rubio, caught by dan simpson.

17 November 2004 updated rubio canyon page with latest info, including a detailed report by paul ayers.

16 November 2004 added link to simpson's page on rubio canyon; linked places/rubio to hike 25 info, thanks to simpson's suggestion.

23 October 2004 updated the url for the SGM weather forecast, for the nth time.

20 October 2004 added sr2, lone pine canyon road, sr39 closures from the rain; added cleveland nf reopening in conditions / fire.

19 October 2004 updated all pages for the anf reopening; updated trail conditions.

11 October 2004 added link to simpson's windy gap trail page from 76; linked 76.1 to 76 links; updated crystal lake closure info.

6 October 2004 updated two areas reopened from 2003 fires (cuyamaca state park, goodan ranch).

4 October 2004 added typo in TOTA98 from kelly smith.

3 October 2004 added closure info for vasquez rock and devils punchbowl, thanks to input from Gavin Campbell.

28 September 2004 added more info on anf and other nf closures.

27 September 2004 added more info on anf closure; and closure info for other national forests.

24 September 2004 added anf closure info; added weather station at big pines to current weather.

15 September 2004 revised bugs page to indicate it isn't regularly updated, but instead indicates which pests and beasts are problems, and if the problems are seasonal, gives the typical time when they occur; updated conditions; updated main page to indicate possible closure of the NF soon.

18 August 2004 added date for simpson's jones peak hike; changed link for 39-1 to go to bailey trail.

17 August 2004 added links to 3 of dan simpson's pages: henninger flats, bailey canyon, mt. bliss.

16 August 2004 updated url for c hayden's mt williamson page in links / 66, thanks to input from Mike Tamada; added links / 65, stimulated by a bad url reported by mike.

11 August 2004 jane updated weather forecast links for wildfire forecast; I updated urls for nws predictions.

4 August 2004 added sr2 spring reopening dates for 2003 and 2004; added the claim that it is california's most dangerous road.

16 June 2004 added a paragraph about animals attacking for fun to the California cougar attacks page, thanks to a note from an anonymous reader.

7 June 2004 added page on horseshoe mine by hugh blanchard.

26 April 2004 updated link to Pasadena Mountain Bike Club Death March 1998: East Fork of the San Gabriel River - The Bridge to Nowhere in links/84, thanks to an email from Scott Dayman, and also updated all other links on that page.

25 March 2004 updated news with the october 2003 fire info, and dave anderberg's condor sighting.

12 March 2004 significantly updated mtn lion page to give the number of attacks per year, and explain that cougar behavior has not changed.

12 February 2004 updated recent cougar attack with info from an anonymous mountain biker.

26 January 2004 updated recent cougar attack with information from Nils Magnuson, Eric Sanderson, the cuyamaca rancho state park cougar report, and my summary of the unlikelihood of cougars migrating from the sd county burn areas.

16 January 2004 updated march 1992 attack with info found by linda; updated aug 1993 attack with info from lee fitzhugh; updated url for linda's pages.

15 January 2004 split California cougar attack page into two, one involving physical contact and one not; added obsolete tag to non-California page.

14 January 2004 added a map of the cougar attack location, kindly provided by franko of franko's maps.

13 January 2004 updated the 8 January 2004 mountain lion attack with further information from the press, from Eric Sanderson, from an anonymous mountain bike rider, and from Jenny Richards.

10 January 2004 updated the 8 January 2004 mountain lion attack with the help of an anonymous reader, and thanks to Donica McWhorter for alerting me about further news on the attacks.

9 January 2004 updated the 8 January 2004 mountain lion attack; updated cougar page about no longer carrying a big stick.

8 January 2004 added 8 January 2004 mountain lion attack. thanks to Ted Stefani for alerting me to this attack today.

27 December 2003 updated info for heise park in fire conditions.

26 December 2003 added opening for iron mtn, heise park, to fire conditions.

17 December 2003 matt maxon updated conditions on the stone canyon trail; updated his stone canyon url in trails.

16 December 2003 we added links to baer and their reports in the fire info page.

5 December 2003 added link to San Diego County park closure info in fires.

27 November 2003 added links to jane's berry and fern pages, in plants / keys.

22 November 2003 updated closure info in fires.

19 November 2003 updated closure info in fires, and final containment for piru fire.

12 November 2003 added mclean's cd of plants of eaton canyon to book/natural history and eaton canyon flora.

11 November 2003 updated fire info page; added link to altadena foothills conservancy webpage in volunteer orgs.

10 November 2003 updated henninger flat links in places; added new link to henninger flat report; recreated link to hf visitor center brochure from internet archive.

7 November 2003 updated fire info page more closure and opening info.

6 November 2003 updated fire info page with fire statistics and anf reopening info from dave anderberg.

1 November 2003 updated fire info page; added % burned in each geographic region.

31 October 2003 updated fire info page.

30 October 2003 we updated fire info page.

29 October 2003 we updated fire info page; added pix of arroyo willow lvs to plants/pix.

28 October 2003 we updated fire info page.

27 October 2003 we updated fire info page with current closures, including the anf.

26 October 2003 we added page with current fire information and closures.

5 September 2003 added link to dan simpson's big cienaga trail page in links/76, thanks to his input; added other links: SGM trailbuilders, fs writeup, troop 168, and gallagher. Moved dead links to "internet archive" links. Added crystal lake closure info to San Gabriel river region.

17 August 2003 added link to dan simpson's mt. hillyer page (from links/57); added new urls for 5 organizations on volunteer page, thanks to dan.

16 August 2003 we updated all the fs links (due to their new urls) in the chilao region; corrected link to SGM trailbuilders (it didn't go to their main page).

26 July 2003 added link to SGM trailbuilders and cnps / SGM chapter in volunteer orgs; added link to volunteers orgs on two main pages, thanks to a good suggestion from dan simpson.

6 July 2003

  • removed link to http://www.divein.com, Dive-In (go to L.A. - sports and recreation/recreation - hiking), in activities, since the site apparently became defunct, thanks to an alert anonymous reader.

    22 June 2003 we added link for 1919 flora of pine belt, in plants/ lists.

    8 June 2003 we removed link to Foothills Wildlife Conservancy in volunteer orgs, since the link was hijacked to a spam site.

    2 June 2003 added another instance of a problem with the caltrans sr2 webpage; updated sr2 closure dates.

    20 April 2003 we updated flora of lower eaton canyon, increasing the plant list from 357 to 382 taxa.

    15 April 2003 jane added link to mammals of SGM in nathist / animals.

    7 April 2003 moved sawpit and mt islip files from jane's earthlink site to this one.

    10 March 2003 updated all links to the old "blooms elsewhere" and "wildflower season in socal" pages to their new home in our "plants" site; replaced content on those old pages with "this page has moved here"; jane updated wildflower locations.

    20 February 2003 jane added sr39 construction news.

    19 February 2003 added link to george's pct hike.

    10 February 2003 added link to coordinate conversion for different map datums and systems; updated flora of eaton canyon.

    2 February 2003 jane added lifting of fire restrictions to news.

    7 January 2003 updated trail update for #11 from rosenberg; updated trail conditions, bugs, sr2 info page with closure dates, and caltrans sr2 closure page.

    21 December 2002 jane added key to palms.

    16 December 2002 jane added sr39 info to news.

    14 December 2002 removed the oaks, general unlabeled links, and plant pix db from the SGM site and instead linked to the pages on the plants site; removed towner's link in unlabeled links.

    4 December 2002 added san dimas canyon debris flow to news, thanks to input from V. Novo, and crosslinked it to the bailey canyon debris flow in deaths.

    29 November 2002 jane added forest pass extension info; added latest info from december rec update; jane updated places / chantry flat for road closure info.

    25 November 2002 we added a few more mileage markers to the sr2 road log; added possible cougar attack in California, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

    22 November 2002 we added lots of new mileage markers to the sr2 road log.

    21 November 2002 jane added bark beetle emergency declaration to news.

    18 November 2002 updated trail conditions; updated url for anf official site in Field Guide / general / overview.

    17 November 2002 we added anf opening and rainfall info to news.

    10 November 2002 jane added places / blue cut.

    8 November 2002 we removed the fire closure notices, thanks to input from dave anderberg and John Aziz. Yay!!

    4 November 2002 we added santa susana mtns to nearby hikes, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

    3 November 2002 we added warning about increased danger from hunters in nearby hiking areas, thanks to input from an anonymous person.

    2 November 2002 we added closure status info about eaton canyon natural area, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

    1 November 2002 we added flora of eaton canyon, stimulated by michael charters work in putting the bob muns eaton canyon flora online.

    23 October 2002 an anonymous reader provided info for an open "cactus to tram" trail to mt san jacinto state park; jane added silverwood closure info; added mario bonura's name for the closure info for mt san jacinto state park after he granted permission to do so.

    22 October 2002 an anonymous reader provided closure info for mt san jacinto state park.

    14 October 2002 jane updated nearby hikes to add rsa and warning to wear orange in the los padres nf.

    13 October 2002 jane updated nearby hikes with reader input for monrovia canyon park; updated fire closure information; added Placerita, Devil's Punchbowl, and more parks in Glendale and Burbank from LATrails.com.

    9 October 2002 jane added news for 2002 and list of nearby hiking areas as alternatives during the fire closure.

    23 September 2002 jane added official notice of closure of the anf.

    12 September 2002 jane added analysis of species distributions worldwide on the dawson saddle trail to throop peak.

    6 September 2002 added many preliminary plant trail guides; see Plants Update Log for 6 September 2002 for the complete list.
    put manzanita pages into standard format; added our Geographic Distribution of Arctostaphylos Species in the SGM analysis page.

    5 September 2002 jane added manzanitas characteristic pages to plants/keys.

    24 August 2002 corrected typo in climbing plants.

    12 July 2002 added new section on plant lists in plants; put bob muns plant list for arroyo seco online.

    10 June 2002 added watercress culinary info to that page.

    20 May 2002 updated the non-info about aujay's 1998 disappearance while hiking in deaths.

    13 May 2002 jane updated url for fisher's animals of Southern California.

    20 April 2002 jane added link to flower pix of 4 corners region; I added link to flower pix of tucson, both to plants / databases.

    2 April 2002 jane updated plants blooming elsewhere to include more northern california links.

    12 March 2002 jane updated url for payne wildflower hotline.

    22 February 2002 added link to sc / nss to Field Guide / nathist / general.

    17 February 2002 updated url for rocco's tree guide (plants / keys), thanks to input from Pat Duff at ArborTender.

    7 January 2002 added enature.com and pct wildflowers to Field Guide / plants / databases.

    4 January 2002 minor updates to trails / bailey and bailey connector trails (added gene kopan's update on his connector route; our friends route; added more on smeac's maintenance of bailey canyon park; made a number of clarity changes thanks to jane's input; updated maps to correct error in location of decker spring and add gps route of connector trail from gene).

    3 January 2002 updated url for digitaldesert wrightwood page in places / index (wrightwood), thanks to input from walter feller; updated places / bailey to point to trails / bailey; updated trails / bailey to add info from an anonymous reader that the 1941 map shows the bailey canyon trail to the cabin ruins.

    1 January 2002 added page on bailey canyon connector trails, existing and planned; made bailey canyon trail page into a real trail page and added 5 new hikes to the mt. wilson table; all stimulated by input from gene kopan, david sotnick, mac pigman, erik siering, R.J. Secor and tom wynne; split off 2001 updates and new pages into separate files.

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