Update Log for San Gabriel Mountains Websites: 1997 - 1998

"tota" is short for Trails of the Angeles. "other" is short for "links to other ANF pages".

31 December 1998 updated conditions, added section on mountain lions and bobcats to bugs and varmints.

23 December 1998 added wheelchair-accessible hikes to main table, link to randall's site in other pages.

20 December 1998 wrote up 87-1. Moved 85.1 to islip from sgriver region.

15 December 1998 brought list of my hikes up to date. Corrected link for 84.

12 December 1998 added outdoors discovery school link to other pages.

11 December 1998 updated fees to remove vanished link to "duplication of forest fees" and to add anf official page on it.

30 November 1998 corrected tota update for hike 28.

29 November 1998 updated conditions; added updates for hikes 28 and 33 to tota.

27 November 1998 fixed one bad link I hadn't updated to correct tota page; fixed wrong order of tags in header lines (center and font order)

25 November 1998 added san dimas exper. Forest page to other pages (from anthony).

24 November 1998 added new official anf site to news and other pages.

22 November 1998 added 3 major new pages: news, updates to trails of the angeles, and comparison of 1998 edition with 1990 edition.

3 November 1998 updated conditions.

22 October 1998 updated conditions, bugs and blooms. Added randall's hikes 24-26, and created cross links between hikes 26, 26-1, 27 and 27-22. updated links in 27 and 27-22.

15 October 1998 updated list of tchikes but sadly haven't written up more anf hikes.

7 October 1998 updated link to sgva site; updated bug conditions.

5 October 1998 correct problem with email link to horseshoe mine for sale.

4 October 1998 added link to newspaper article about extra $5 fee at crystal lake.

27 September 1998 added hikes 16-23 from randall.

26 September 1998 updated conditions. Added more on trail bulldozing.

24 September 1998 updated sierra club links to their new addresses. Added thanks to roy randall for his contributions.

19 September 1998 added rest of hikes since 4/97 that haven't been written up.

16 September 1998 added more of my hikes in table sans web writeups so far. Changed tchikes to include San Diego hikes.

15 September 1998 added "free our forests" as link on fee page, and 13 months for the price of 12.

11 September 1998 added two randall hikes (14 and 15), changed links to nyerges new web address, indexed some aviris photos and put aviris on other webpage.

7 September 1998 added page on property for sale at horseshoe mine and sheep mountain, reached from places on "other pages".

6 September 1998 added link back to main page from "other pages". Clarified which smog station is anf. Added page at url given in Southern California birding guide, which didn't exist!

5 September 1998 added link to San Diego natural history museum's field guide to Southern California to other pages. Added guide to spot-2 pictures in picture index.

3 September 1998 added recreation.gov and terraserver's images to other pages. Added jane strong's fall color leaf log to index and plants blooming.

25 August 1998 added mark stopfer's photo page to other pages.

21 August 1998 added 3 more randall hikes, 11-13.

18 August 1998 corrected error in hike_locations_all that went to tujunga instead of mt. Wilson when clicking on mt. Wilson area. Updated conditions.

15 August 1998 added link to anf photographer. Added randall's hike 9/10. Added info on district changes from anderberg. Accidentally added deaths link live, but haven't finished page yet.

30 July 1998 changed link for randall's hikes to his new web site. Added his hikes 5-8. Moved answered question about liebre to faq. Moved maxon's hike 8 into trip report page. Updated table of amount of web info on trails.

26 July 1998 added fish canyon falls (48) description by scheuer and la times article.

23 July 1998 added field guide to reptiles etc to other webpages, added authors for several links around that link.

22 July 1998 added birding list from pasadena audubon society, mt. Wilson towercam image, mt. Wilson virtual tour, arroyo seco watershed project and Southern California natural history textbook online to other webpages. added link to acc and page on cancellation of acc for 1998.

19 July 1998 added link to usgs map symbols in other pages.

14 July 1998 updated links on other webpages from "at-hand" to smartpages, with new links.

12 July 1998 added hike#4 report from randall. Revised #1-3 from him. Removed page with only quicklinks since I kept forgetting to update it.

6 July 1998 corrected title of "links by site on web". Added question on pronunciation of liebre mountain. Added 3 hikes by randall. Added scott martin's hike in index. Added my 1 july hike 26-1. Updated conditions.

26 June 1998 updated conditions.

23 June 1998 updated conditions.

20 June 1998 updated sr2 opening report.

18 June 1998 added report from dave anderberg about opening of sr2 at islip saddle.

12 June 1998 updated area code from 818 to 626.

7 June 1998 added bulldozing of trails in conditions.

3 June 1998 added link to fancy military pedometer from mileage accuracy page.

30 May 1998 updated conditions.

30 April 1998 added snow crest lodge and run to top of baldy.

29 March 1998 added wild wilderness site opposing fee.

21 March 1998 added camps colby, sturdevant and wrightwood links; cogswell reservoir storage.

9 March 1998 added input from a frustrated dog owner in faq.

2 March 1998 updated conditions, bugs, blooms.

27 February 1998 added another streamflow archive plot.

23 February 1998 added link for l.a. the movie. corrected accidentally removed spaces in links by site.

22 February 1998 added more links.

20 February 1998 added more "other" links, and link to "bears", "plague", etc. in varmints.

19 February 1998 added eaton canyon pages, indexed pix. Added link to gary's baldy page. Updated trailhead abbreviations to include new hikes. Added links to pages on pests. Added list of directories of l.a. hiking.

18 February 1998 added ~10 more hikelinks and other webpages. updated statistics. Corrected a few typos in faq and questions.

16 February 1998 revised list of hikes sorted by website and by number to include my hikes, and those submitted to me and posted on my site. Updated quicklinks to be current.

15 February 1998 changed caption of vista from red box photo back to author's, added bain's pix page to other weblinks, corrected links to "other sites listed by website and by number". Added links to weather, air quality, arroyo seco streamflow. Updated blooms.

8 February 1998 indexed bain's pix of sg peaks from airplane over lax. Updated photo index to corrected caption of vista from red box and credit ringside. Added info on hike #100 from fitzpatrick.

6 February 1998 added one more hike ref (ava 74); updated links by site for photo sites; added separate photo list for other webpages; added bug info from ava; added a few more other sites.

5 February 1998 indexed more photos, added two webpages links.

4 February 1998 changed adventurewest.com to www.adventurewest.com to make links work again.

3 February 1998 updated maps to make them clearer.

30 January 1998 added emergency numbers page link and a few other links.

28 January 1998 made major update: added location maps, clickable area maps, sorted hikes into regions, moved tables around, added airplane crash locations.

23 January 1998 added 1969 bichota fire to conditions.

20 January 1998 added 1975 big tujunga fire to conditions.

20 January 1998 added a few more fees links and main forest service site.

16 January 1998 revised fee info after learning the fed government will steal all the extra revenue eventually. Revised links minorly.

15 January 1998 added more links.

11 January 1998 added ski resorts. Restored dead external link to my site.

10 January 1998 finished adding previously-asked questions to faq. Added bear story and warnings to bugs. Organized links to other major sites better. Added more links. Added road conditions to main page.

9 January 1998 updated conditions. Added more questions to faq. Removed links to other anf webpages to own page to cut down size of main page.

9 December 1997 updated conditions.

8 December 1997 received permission from sandiegoinsider to reproduce their story on forest fees, so updated page to include that.

7 December 1997 added faq. updated main page to be clearer. removed personal hiking info to link from tchikes.

4 December 1997 added devil's canyon question.

1 December 1997 added index of pictures, finally! Began with sites of campbell, hayden and sarisky. added fee-caused improvements to cleveland forest; moved fees to own directory. Added hayden's iron mountain hike (86).

30 November 1997 added question about nude hiking; added many more links to fees.

28 November 1997 added questions from hikers, question on kelly ranch, and comments on fees from 2 people.

22 November 1997 added link to where to buy forest passes.

18 November 1997 added weblink to wilderness press in index.

15 November 1997 Changed avn link to go directly to newsletter index.

13 November 1997 Added 29-1 and trail conditions for it. Updated overall trail conditions.

9 November 1997 Added piece on mileage estimates for trails. Updated forest fees.

23 October 1997 Updated "key to trip logs and column headings" to add "season" definition and more complete definitions.

23 October 1997 Added analysis of pedometer accuracy, reached from "key to trip logs".

28 September 1997 Updated conditions.

26 September 1997 Added airplane crash page and Cameron Campbell's photos of two trails.

26 July 1997 Updated conditions.

19 June 1997 Updated conditions from Dave Anderberg.

18 June 1997 Updated index.html to thank Anthony for web site inputs, and with current numbers for hikes on the web. Updated AVN address for main site only. Improved tables. Added Willi Wilkens site. Corrected link to table of other sites in navigation at bottom of tchikes/ files.

17 June 1997 Added input from Booth Hartley and Dave Anderberg for 39-3 and 44-1. Added JPL flyer hike descriptions to 17-2, 36, 37 and 79.

16 June 1997 Added Echo Mountain Echoes link.

14 June 1997 Updated conditions. Added times of maximum UV exposure.

9 June 1997 Added times for local noon.

2 June 1997 Added link for hike 84.

1 June 1997 Added sunrise/sunset times, and more info to anf fees.

31 May 1997 Revised index page to include quicklinks, and added info on current fees.

4 May 1997 Added 48-1, 48-2, Duarte to Mt. Bliss & Monrovia Peak hike guides.

22 April 1997 Added #74 trail conditions from Dan Morrison and me.

20 April 1997 Added new Guy Starbuck's hike to Mt. San Antonio, Ski Hut and San Antonio Falls, proper reference to avn's ski hut trail description, and current general trail conditions and specific conditions for 8, 36, 37 from Matt Maxon.

18 April 1997 Added Huntington Gardens to hikes near caltech.

Everything prior to 18 April 1997 was reconstructed after the fact.

27 March 1997 Added first maps of trailhead, a complete trail guide, and an altitude profile, for 39-3.

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