Trails From Chantry Flat: Mileage For Trail Segments

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Trail Segment Map and Trail Mileages

The following map shows the trails that originate at Chantry Flat and ones that are near Chantry Flat and are connected to those trails. The Gabrielino Trail has been broken into segments of interest. The map below is linked to a larger map.

On the right is a table giving our best estimate of the mileages for each trail, as well as the key to the trail numbers and location letters on the map. Many of the mileages have been measured with a wheel, and thus are much more accurate than most trail mileages. Comparisons of several such measurements show that the uncertainty is probably ~0.02.

map of chantry flat trails

(Click on map for a larger version)

Map SymbolNameLength (miles)
1Gabrielino Trail: Chantry Flat to Lower Falls Jct1.39
2Falls Trail0.30
3Gabrielino Trail: Lower Falls Trail (Lower to Upper Falls Jct)0.92
4Gabrielino Trail: Upper Falls Trail (Lower to Upper Falls Jct)1.08
5Gabrielino Trail: Upper Falls Jct to Sturtevant Jct.1.40
6Gabrielino Trail: Sturtevant Jct to Newcomb Pass2.20
7Sturtevant Trail3.10
8Mt. Zion Trail2.60
9Mt. Zion Spur Trail0.11
10Lower Winter Creek Trail1.80
11Upper Winter Creek Trail2.25
12San Olene Fire Road3.39
13First Water1.06
AChantry Flat 
BRobert's Camp (Jct Gabrielino, Lower Winter Creek, and First Water Trails) 
CFern Lodge Jct (Lower Falls Jct) 
DFalling Sign Jct (Upper Falls Jct) 
ESturtevant Jct 
FNewcomb Pass 

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