Field Guide to the SGM: Trails

This page lists all the pages devoted to specific hiking routes, both trails and Fire Roads. These pages range from complete trail guides to pages that just give information about current conditions on a given trail. Much of the information about current trail conditions has been supplied by others. If you would like to contribute information about a given trail, please email me, and I'll put it online with credit to you.

Trails with complete trail guides are shown in the region maps indexed in Hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Although I began this Hikes in the SGM site in 1996 with the emphasis on hikes, I realized in late 1999 that trails and places are actually the fundamental quantities that this guide should concentrate on. There may be many hikes that use a trail for part of each hike, and it is redundant and time-consuming to put the same trail information in a guide for each hike. A page devoted to an individual trail allows all the information about the trail to be collected in one place, and referenced from the hike pages. Hence since late 1999 I have been gradually adding more of these pages.

See also the vast amount of trail information given in the hike pages indexed in Hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains. Until the information there is converted to trail pages, that will remain the largest collection of trail information.

See also the companion page Places, and the list of trails with Forest Service numbers found on the ANF Map.

All routes in the table below are trails unless fire road is given explicitly in the name.

Trails (alphabetically)

* Coauthored with Jane Strong
   Other authors are credited in the individual pages as appropriate

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