Buckhorn Area Map

Small Buckhorn Map
Section of the 1972 photorevision of the Waterman Mountain Quadrangle
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New Small Buckhorn Map
Section with some of the 1995 revisions and additional hikes
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Changes and additions between editions drawn as heavy black lines:
  1. 61-2 The Buckhorn Peak Trail
  2. The "guard station" was torn down and removed several years ago
  3. The entrance to the campground has been changed
  4. The campground access road is one way from west to east
  5. Not all the campground roads are drawn in
  6. The P is the Burkhart Trail parking lot where Hike 62-1 starts
  7. 62-2 The Buckhorn Spring Trail

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61-2 Buckhorn Peak
62-1 Buckhorn Falls
62-2 Buckhorn Spring
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