Retaking Old Pictures of the Santa Rosa Plateau

Retaking historical pictures gives information about changes over long time periods that are sometimes imperceptible otherwise. If you have historical photographs of the SRP, with features in them that will allow them to be retaken today, please let me know.

Philip Erdelsky visited the Santa Rosa Plateau on 1 December 1990 on a tour given by the Nature Conservancy. Fortunately, Philip took pictures on his tour that I am attempting to retake.

The following is the first attempt to retake a picture of the area including the Adobes and the lowest part of the Vernal Pool Trail. Philip's picture is given first, followed by my picture. You can open the two photographs in separate browser pages and then flip between them, but it won't work very because my picture is clearly not taken at the same spot where Philip stood.

In the field, my companions and I judged that Philip's location was farther away, a bit higher in elevation, and a bit to the west, but we didn't have time or the inclination to go to that location on that trip. Going farther away will make the hill at top left in Philip's picture more prominent and will allow it to appear higher than the slope on the right. (Most of the current SRP trails did not exist in 1990, so off-trail excursions are required to find the exact location. Such off-trail excursions require advance permission from the SRP Reserve Manager, and are best done in late fall when there are almost no live plants to trample.)

Philip's picture from 1 December 1990:

Tom's picture from 18 March 2008, 17.3 years later:

Items that seem to match between the two pictures are circled in the photo below:

Discussion of items that seem to match, from left to right in the picture:

The number of oak trees missing today seems very surprising. I wouldn't have expected any big oaks to be missing, let alone seven or more of them.

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