Historical Record of Plants Blooming in the Santa Rosa Plateau

Records of Gordon House

Gordon House publishes a list of Wildflowers In Bloom every month which lists the trails and roads on which he has observed a given plant in bloom. Tom Chester and Jane Strong have put those lists online and added links to pictures of the blooms for the yearly summaries.

Note that there are a few misidentified species in these lists that have not yet been corrected! Most of the misidentifications are given here.

The lists are keyed to the various trails and roads of the Santa Rosa Plateau.

Latest Report



The on-line records are not yet complete since we do not have the complete plant lists. Missing are:

1995 and 1996: awaiting clarification of which species correspond to the common names.

1997: half of April, May, June, July and October.

1998: April - August, October and November.

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