How To Identify Plants At The Santa Rosa Plateau

These pages are the viewgraphs for a talk given to the SRP Docent Class on 18 October 2003. Hence they are in viewgraph format, with a lot of the information given verbally to expand on the bullets. To go to the next page in the presentation, click the Next Page link at the bottom right of each viewgraph.

Eventually I will make this into a normal webpage.

Note that this presentation is solely on how to identify plants. There are many other wonderful things to know about plants, but those topics aren't in this talk.

Although this talk was specifically about plants at the Santa Rosa Plateau, most of the information is general, and can be used to help beginners identify plants elsewhere.

You can either view this is viewgraph format, beginning with Viewgraph #0, or you can see a single page, with all viewgraphs put together, except for the flower pictures on viewgraphs 2 and 3.

I thank Jane Strong and Michael Charters for comments that improved this presentation.

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