Trail Maps of the Santa Rosa Plateau

I recently completed a GPS mapping of all the trails in the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve, as well as a few of the trails that lead just outside the Reserve. The preliminary maps linked below are hot off the press, and do NOT have any trail names, etc. on them yet. I am making them available solely to give the precise locations of the trails, as well as to show trail variants not given on the official map. These variants may confuse first-time hikers who wonder what branch to take.

See the official trail map for the names of these routes, with some mileages.

The heavy black lines show the public highways (Clinton Keith, Tenaja, Via Volcano and Los Gatos Roads). The lighter black lines show hiking trails within the Reserve which are roads closed to public traffic, but may occasionally have Reserve vehicles on them. All other colored lines show trails, which are usually single-lane paths, but which occasionally may contain short sections that are wider.

All Trails

The following maps show more detail, using three maps to cover the Reserve:

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