Views of and from the Santa Rosa Plateau

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A picture of the main vernal pool in Spring 1993, before the boardwalk was enhanced, is provided by G. Donald Bain.

Ron Graybill has a page of Santa Rosa Plateau pictures, especially along the Sylvan Ranch Trail, in the Recent section of his photo pages, and some additional pictures under Trees.

Peter Stephan has a number of pictures at his Scenes from the Santa Rose Plateau site. The pictures are of:

Richard Sparks has nine pictures at his Classic Western Scenery: Old California: Santa Rosa Plateau. The pictures are of:

Elin Pendleton has been painting on location every Thursday at the Santa Rosa Ecological Reserve since March 2000. Pictures of eleven of her paintings are online.

Other pictures:

Pictures by Jim Grattan and by Robin Weare are no longer online.

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Views from the Santa Rosa Plateau

Stunning views of three other major mountain ranges are seen from many places along the trails of the Santa Rosa Plateau.

The following plot gives the elevation angles and azimuths of peaks to the east as seen from the Vernal Pool Trail on the Mesa de Colorado, just north of the Main Pool:

The following picture was taken on 26 February 2006, and shows details on the many peaks seen in between San Jacinto Peak and Palomar Mountain:

The following table gives the distance, azimuth, and elevation angles to many peaks, including peaks that are blocked from view by nearer peaks. (The table is thus useful to show what peaks block other peaks.) The table is sorted by azimuth angle, degrees east of true north.

PeakDistance (miles)Azimuth AngleElevation Angle
San Gorgonio Mountain48.633.11.79
San Jacinto Peak40.958.92.06
Tahquitz Peak39.164.11.63
Toro Peak49.788.71.13
Rabbit Peak60.794.70.43
Iron Spring Mountain34.396.40.95
Beauty Peak32.998.30.94
Combs Peak40.2101.20.86
Wild Horse Peak19.7103.70.55
Hot Springs Mountain43.0108.00.85
Palomar Mountain28.0111.01.41
Agua Tibia Mountain18.9111.21.44
Eagle Crag20.9113.71.43
Boucher Hill24.5119.51.35
Volcan Mountain46.9122.10.51
Monument Peak65.8130.10.27
North Peak53.4130.40.46
Rodriguez Mountain29.3130.50.49
Black Mountain36.7130.90.35
Middle Peak54.0132.40.42
Cuyamaca Peak55.4134.40.52
Burnt Mountain (Daley Ranch, Escondido)24.8148.80.32
Santiago Peak19.8314.61.87
San Gabriel Peak68.7317.70.21
Mount Wilson66.3318.30.17
Waterman Mountain68.1327.20.52
Throop Peak65.0333.40.76
Elsinore Peak7.1333.92.28
Mount Baden-Powell64.6335.20.82
Ontario Peak53.2338.91.01
Mount San Antonio (Old Baldy)57.6339.31.14

All of the above parameters were calculated using the formulae discussed in How To Calculate Distances, Azimuths and Elevation Angles Of Peaks.

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