Pictures of the Vernal Pool vs. Time for 2001

Entire Main Pool from a distance

Closeup of Main Pool from the boardwalk

Entire Small Pools from Clinton Keith Road just south of the Vernal Pool Trailhead

Larger pix are available for all the pool pictures in the pages above. To obtain them, open any individual picture of interest in its own window (right click on the image and select View Image), and simply eliminate the numbers "50" in the url (location bar).

For example, to see the full closeup picture of the pool on Day 111, right click on the picture in Closeup of Main Pool from the boardwalk and select "View Image". This will open the picture, which will display the url in the "location" box. Eliminating the "50" gives the url, which is a picture twice as big in each dimension.

Mac users can follow the same procedure if they have a mouse with a right click button, or use "control"-click to get "View Image".

IE users must right click on the picture, select "properties" and copy the URL in the "properties" box. Open that URL after deleting the "50".

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