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Here's how the "" site, which held all my webpages prior to 1/10/00, ranks compared to the most popular sites on the web. The data for the other sites is from Media Matrix market research company for August 1998 published in Investor's Business Daily 14 October 1998, quoted in Edupage on 15 October 1998:

SiteNumber of visitors (millions per month)

The low number for my site results from taking the number of distinct hosts served per 7 days times 4 weeks. The high number results from taking the number of requests per 7 days times 4 weeks. I give that range because I don't know if Media Matrix counts multiple visits in a month as distinct visits or not.

My site is not about to challenge any of these sites, but it is amusing that my site receives 0.05 - 0.24% of MSN's traffic, without any advertising!

Here are the available graphs showing the number of requests versus time:

The number of pages requested and number of requests made to znet/~schester web pages versus time. The number of pages is the smaller number - some pages require several requests to load graphics onto a page.

Top pages (1-4) (ANF, salaries, Fallbrook, napalm)

Top pages (5-6) (San Diego Hiking, Table of Contents page)

Angeles National Forest non-region pages and Regions.

Fallbrook pages in 1996-1997 and 1998.

Some other pages in 1996-1997 (ANF, grand canyon, financial advice, Table of Contents)

Scott's popular pages.

All the plots show just a sampling of the actual data versus time. Some weird things can happen in short intervals. For example, the main page for some of the calculations I have done normally receives very few requests, but one week it had 2,593 requests, dominating all other pages.

Also see Some older statistics.

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