Analysis of the Salary Curve for Engineers and Scientists

The Salary Curve (salaries versus experience) and its origins

The Salary Curve Versus Time Do Managers Get Paid More?
Overview Of Expected Average Raises Versus Experience Can You Get A 20% Raise By Changing Jobs?
Detailed Expected Average Raises Versus Experience How long will it take that new hire with that large salary to catch up to my salary?
Inflation Rates 1913 to 1996 With Conversions to 1996 Dollars"Pay Raise" due to Increased Accrual of Vacation Days

Disclaimer: Although I am a supervisor at Caltech / JPL and a deputy section manager, virtually none of the information presented in these pages comes from Caltech or JPL. There are some specific tidbits about Caltech and JPL that the general reader can ignore.

It is one of the wonders of management, here and probably elsewhere, that no one actually teaches you the salary "facts of life". Thus none of the information here represents any release of confidential information from JPL or Caltech. The deductions I have reached have nothing to do with official or unofficial JPL or Caltech policy, since I have reached them on my own.

As an Assistant Lab Director told us at the class for supervisors, he was amazed that when he became a supervisor that no one told him anything about what was going on. There weren't even classes to tell supervisors what the Lab expected of them until the late 1980s. When he became a section manager, he thought, "Boy, now they are going to tell me the real scoop," but it never happened. When he became a Division Manager and then an Assistant Lab Director, he was sure that he would learn the secrets of life.

He's still waiting.....

By the way, the supervisor's class was very disappointing in the amount of information communicated about salaries. None of the content here was even hinted at there.

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