Grand Canyon Flora: Upper Bright Angel, S. Kaibab and Grandview Trails

Survey Work
Voucher Data
Voucher Additions to the 2005 Grand Canyon Checklist
Numerology of the Checklist


This checklist gives a list of all the species seen on the Bright Angel, S. Kaibab and Grandview Trails, as well as species vouchered above 3800 feet elevation for each trail, corresponding to the elevation of Indian Gardens on the Bright Angel Trail at the Tonto Platform. A small number of additional species have been added from other references, such as being mentioned as occurring on one of these trails in the Phillips et al 1987 Grand Canyon Flora.

This checklist should be considered just a starting point for the flora of this area, for at least two reasons. First, there is much more survey work to be done on these trails by us. Second, as far as we know, this is the first attempt to gather the voucher information for these trails. Because many vouchers have poor locality descriptions, some of the vouchers used for this analysis may have been taken outside our target area, and some of the vouchers not used for this analysis may have been taken within our target area. With time, the list should grow more complete and accurate.

Survey Work

See the individual Plant Trail Guides for survey information and for a list of these species in order encountered along the trail:

Voucher Data

Voucher Collection

The voucher data were put together by Tom.

Vouchers were obtained through SEINet searches for the trail names on 20 June 2012 (Grandview Trail) and on 10 July 2012 for the other two trails, among vouchers from Coconino County in Arizona. The locality and elevation fields were then examined to eliminate vouchers that were clearly not from the target area.

Many vouchers have only Kaibab Trail as their locality. Because we emphasized reliability here, we eliminated all vouchers that did not clearly refer to the S. Kaibab Trail, since most vouchers with the words Kaibab Trail in their locality are from north of the Colorado River. Only 112 vouchers refer to the south trail; 591 refer to the north trail; and 147 do not state north or south trail. We accepted only those 112 vouchers that were clearly from the S. Kaibab Trail.

A locality of Bright Angel Trail can also be ambiguous, since the N. Kaibab Trail was known as the Bright Angel Trail earlier, for the excellent reason that it is in Bright Angel Canyon. An earlier version of the N. Kaibab Trail is now known as the Old Bright Angel Trail, a currently-used trail distinct from the current N. Kaibab Trail. Thus vouchers that referred to the Old Bright Angel Trail were tossed, as were any vouchers that had enough locality information to indicate they were from north of the Colorado River.

However, since most vouchers with Bright Angel Trail in their locality refer to the usual south rim trail, we kept all vouchers with a locality that just said Bright Angel Trail. Some of them may ultimately turn out not to be from our target area.

The georeferenced latitude and longitude coordinate fields were not used in any way, since most vouchers do not have enough information to produce good georeferenced coordinates. Even some vouchers clearly from the North Rim are georeferenced with Grand Canyon Village locations on the south rim.

The numbers of vouchers accepted and rejected are given in Table 1.

Table 1. Number of Vouchers Accepted As Being in Our Target Area and Eliminated For Each Trail

CategoryBright AngelS. KaibabGrandviewAll Three Trails
# Vouchers Accepted45711264633
# Vouchers Eliminated2097380947

Top Collectors

The top collectors for the accepted vouchers for each trail are given in Table 2.

Table 2. Top Voucher Collectors

Bright Angel S. Kaibab Grandview All Three Trails
#VCollector #VCollector #VCollector #VCollector
85J.J. Thornber 38Rose E. Collom 19M. Koopman 93Rose E. Collom
58R.A. Darrow 24Wendy C. Hodgson 16Glenn Rink 88Wendy C. Hodgson
55Wendy C. Hodgson 7Harold and Virginia Bailey 10Nancy J. Brian 85J.J. Thornber
55Rose E. Collom 6B. Lennart Johnson 9Wendy C. Hodgson 58R.A. Darrow

The top four collectors were responsible for 324 vouchers out of the total of 633 accepted for this area, 51% of the total. Among the other collectors that made this voucher flora possible is the famous botanist Alice Eastwood, who collected 31 vouchers from the Bright Angel Trail.

Assembling the Voucher Species List

Older taxon names on vouchers were updated as far as possible to current names. We mostly used the names on the 2005 Grand Canyon Checklist, which means that, for example, vouchers determined as Castilleja angustifolia are listed in the checklist under Castilleja applegatei ssp. martinii, even though these are now separate taxa in the Jepson Manual Second Edition treatment.

Some voucher determinations were not accepted for this checklist since other sources indicated that these taxa probably did not occur in this area. Eliminating those determinations may not be correct. Those taxa are listed in Table 3, along with the reason for their rejection. If anyone has information that any of these taxa are correctly determined and are present in our target area, please let us know.

Once the voucher list was assembled, species with a Phillips et al 1987 maximum elevation below 3800 feet were examined further, and if there was no evidence from any voucher anywhere in the Grand Canyon that the species occurred above those elevations, it was eliminated.

Table 3. Voucher Determinations Not Accepted For This Checklist

DeterminationReason For Rejection
Amelanchier ellipticaThis name is not present in USDA Plants, either as a direct entry or a synonym.
Cryptantha cinerea var. abortivaThis variety is not listed for Arizona in USDA Plants, or in any Arizona flora.
Galium multiflorumThis species is not given in the latest Arizona flora treatment, and is very similar to G. munzii.
Glossopetalon spinescens var. microphyllumKearney and Peebles give this variety only to the south of the Grand Canyon.
Perityle ciliataOddly, this voucher determined as Perityle ciliata was determined by the Flora of North America author who stated that this species is known only from central and southern Arizona!

Voucher Additions to the 2005 Grand Canyon Checklist

The following taxa were not present in the 2005 Grand Canyon Checklist, but were accepted for our checklist from vouchers or, for Ipomopsis aggregata ssp. formosissima, from the latest Arizona Flora:

Achnatherum scribneri X A. hymenoides
Astragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectus
Chorisiva nevadensis
Eriogonum heermannii ssp. argense
Ipomopsis aggregata ssp. formosissima
Isocoma acradenia var. eremophila
Leymus cinereus
Leymus salinus ssp. mojavensis
Mentzelia montana
Mirabilis albida
Opuntia polyacantha var. nicholii

Numerology of the Checklist

A total of 369 taxa are given in the checklist below. Of those 369 taxa:

Table 4 gives a breakdown of the taxa in the Checklist by Trail and by source.

Table 4. Number of Taxa For Each Trail by Source

CategoryBright AngelS. KaibabGrandviewAll Three Trails
From Vouchers, not observed1353818148

Note that the Bright Angel Trail and S. Kaibab Trail have similar numbers of taxa from our surveys. The number of taxa from the Grandview Trail is consistent with those numbers, given its significantly less coverage so far in our surveys.

It is interesting that the total number of observed species from either or both of the Bright Angel Trail and S. Kaibab Trail scales almost exactly as expected from the usual species - area relationship with an exponent of 0.37 by doubling the covered area. That total number of 174 is 30% more than the number of observed species from a single one of these trails; see the plot % increase in species with extra distance on Number Of Taxa Vs. Distance Along A Trail.

In contrast, the overwhelmingly-larger number of taxa only from vouchers from the Bright Angel Trail is evident. Although this number is inflated by our acceptance of vouchers without elevation information that may have been taken from elevations below our cutoff of 3800 feet, it attests to the tremendous concentration of botanists collecting on this world-famous trail.


The checklist is in the traditional order of ferns and fern allies; conifers; dicots, and monocots, with names mostly as in the 2005 Grand Canyon Checklist.

The column Famil. gives the first five letters in the family name.

The Scientific Name is linked to the SEINet page on each taxon (a few are not linked yet), which will open in a new window.

The common name is linked to pictures of each species when available (not yet done; some common names still need to be added). An asterisk before the common name indicates a non-native species.

The column #Plants / V gives estimates of the minimum abundance for each species, up to a maximum of 99 plants, for those species we have observed on each trail. Species found only off-trail, and those species for which we have not made an abundance estimate so far in a given plant trail guide, have been arbitrarily given a minimum number of one.

An example of the distinction between an on-trail species abundance and a total area abundance is given by Agave utahensis var. kaibabensis. From many places along a trail, one can see tens to hundreds of flower stalks in the general area. However, of all those plants, there may be only a handful that are close to the trail. The on-trail abundance would only be those few that can be easily touched from near the trail.

If we have not observed a species on a given trail, but there is a voucher of it from that trail, that column contains a V. The column BA is the Bright Angel Trail; SK the S. Kaibab Trail; and GV the Grandview Trail.

The column #V gives the total number of vouchers from these three trails. Note that we have not examined any of these vouchers, and hence we make no claim for their accuracy. Vouchers are sometimes misdetermined, just like some of our determinations from the field might be in error.

Species with no entries in either the #Pls and #V have been added from other references as mentioned above.

The column Max Elev. gives the maximum elevation for each species from anyplace in the Grand Canyon, as reported in the Phillips et al 1987 Grand Canyon Flora, augmented by elevations from vouchers. One should be aware that voucher-reported elevations are often in error, or quite uncertain.

Version for printing, without lines and other text on this page: html (11 pages) or pdf Clickbook booklet (3 double-sided pages). (See printing instructions for an explanation of these options)

#Famil.Scientific Name(*)Common Name# Plants / V#VMax.
1DryopCystopteris fragilisbrittle bladder fern    8500
2DryopWoodsia neomexicana V  36300
3DryopWoodsia oreganaOregon cliff fernV  18300
4EquisEquisetum hyemale V  18100
5EquisEquisetum X ferrissii V  15200
6PteriAdiantum capillus-venerismaidenhair fernV  16800
7PteriCheilanthes feeislender lipfernV 217200
8PteriPellaea truncatacliff brakeV  35000
9SelagSelaginella muticaspike-moss1109976000
10SelagSelaginella underwoodii   V17200
11CupreJuniperus monosperma V  15500
12CupreJuniperus osteospermaUtah juniper20205 7800
13CupreJuniperus scopulorumRocky Mountain juniper    8500
14EphedEphedra torreyana   V26000
15EphedEphedra viridisgreen ephedra50502027700
16PinacPinus edulistwo-needle pinyon pine505050 7700
17PinacPinus ponderosaponderosa pine1   8000
18PinacPseudotsuga menziesii var. glaucaRocky Mountain Douglas-fir1055 9150
19AceraAcer negundo var. californicumbox elder    7900
20AmaraAmaranthus albus*tumble pigweed5   4500
21AmaraAmaranthus powelliiPowell's amaranth20   7200
22AnacaRhus aromatica var. trilobataskunkbush201236500
23ApiacAletes macdougalii ssp. macdougaliiMacDougal's Indian parsley V9918600
24ApiacCymopterus purpurascenspurple cymopterus V 17000
25ApiacLomatium foeniculaceum ssp. macdougalii     8000
26ApiacPseudocymopterus montanus  V 19000
27ApiacPteryxia petraearockloving wavewing 5 17200
28ApocyApocynum cannabinumIndian hempV  16650
29AscleAsclepias asperula V  18200
30AscleAsclepias latifolia V  16400
31AscleAsclepias subverticillata     6800
32AsterAcourtia wrightiibrownfootV 346000
33AsterAgeratina herbaceafragrant snakeroot305 28500
34AsterAmbrosia eriocentrawoolly bur-sage 1  5000
35AsterArtemisia bigeloviiBigelow sagebrush 1  7850
36AsterArtemisia dracunculuswild tarragonV  18800
37AsterArtemisia ludovicianasilver wormwood99995015500
38AsterArtemisia novablack sagebrushV1 28000
39AsterArtemisia tridentatabig sagebrush3099128000
40AsterBrickellia atractyloidesspiny brickellbushV  25500
41AsterBrickellia californicaCalifornia brickellbush99301517100
42AsterBrickellia longifolialongleaf brickellbush9940 54800
43AsterChaenactis douglasiihoary chaenactisV  18200
44AsterChaetopappa ericoidesrose heath111 7000
45AsterChrysothamnus greeneiGreene's rabbitbrush  V37000
46AsterChrysothamnus viscidiflorussticky-leaved rabbitbrushV V26500
47AsterChrysothamnus viscidiflorus ssp. axillarissticky-leaved rabbitbrush    6000
48AsterChrysothamnus viscidiflorus ssp. lanceolatus     6500
49AsterCirsium arizonicum var. nidulumArizona thistle30705058200
50AsterCrepis intermedia   V38200
51AsterEncelia frutescensbutton enceliaV  14500
52AsterEncelia resinifera ssp. resiniferaresin brittlebush20   5600
53AsterEricameria arizonicaGrand Canyon Goldenweed20306 7500
54AsterEricameria nauseosa var. juncearush rabbitbrush14115000
55AsterEricameria nauseosa var. oreophilathreadleaf common rabbitbrush5050 47200
56AsterErigeron concinnustidy fleabane507 27600
57AsterErigeron divergensspreading fleabaneV 9918450
58AsterErigeron eatoniiEaton's fleabane  538200
59AsterErigeron utahensisUtah fleabaneV  15590
60AsterEurybia glaucaGray’s asterV  43800
61AsterEurybia pulchrabeautiful aster 99402217700
62AsterGutierrezia microcephalasticky snakeweed1099V27000
63AsterGutierrezia sarothraematchweed205528000
64AsterHesperodoria salicinawillow glowweedV  24700
65AsterHesperodoria scopulorumGrand Canyon glowweed  20 6700
66AsterHeterotheca villosahairy goldenaster 404018600
67AsterHymenoxys cooperiCooper’s rubberweed510137500
68AsterMachaeranthera canescenshoary-aster505099 8000
69AsterMalacothrix clevelandiiannual malacothrix    4000
70AsterPackera multilobataBasin butterweed3201029000
71AsterParthenium incanum  V 15600
72AsterPerityle congestaGrand Canyon rock-daisy50509949000
73AsterPetradoria pumilaRock GoldenrodV20 17900
74AsterPsilostrophe sparsifloragreenstem paperflower550 57000
75AsterRafinesquia neomexicanadesert chicoryV  14200
76AsterSolidago canadensis var. scabra V  28500
77AsterSolidago missouriensisMissouri goldenrod 1  7500
78AsterSolidago velutina V  18300
79AsterStephanomeria minor var. minornarrow-leaved wire-lettuce V 17900
80AsterStephanomeria pauciflorawire-lettuce12 17900
81AsterSymphyotrichum lanceolatum var. hesperium V  18220
82AsterTetraneuris acaulis var. arizonicaArizona hymenoxysV14017900
83AsterThymophylla pentachaetafiveneedle pricklyleafV1 14850
84AsterTrixis californica VV 24500
85AsterUropappus lindleyi V  14600
86AsterXylorhiza tortifoliaMojave woodyaster20V 35000
87BerbeMahonia fremontiiFremont barberry1014 6500
88BerbeMahonia repenscreeping barberry20 1528000
89BetulOstrya knowltoniiKnowlton hop hornbeam301497200
90BoragAmsinckia menziesii var. intermedia V  17000
91BoragCryptantha abatadentnut cryptantha 15  7000
92BoragCryptantha barbigerabearded cryptanthaV  14000
93BoragCryptantha capitatacapitate cryptantha 1V26000
94BoragCryptantha cinerea var. cinerea  V 27000
95BoragCryptantha cinerea var. jamesii     7000
96BoragCryptantha fendleriFendlers cryptantha    7200
97BoragCryptantha gracilisslender cryptantha2040 17400
98BoragCryptantha pterocaryawing-nut cryptantha1  25600
99BoragCryptantha racemosabushy cryptanthaV  64800
100BoragLappula occidentalis var. occidentalisflatspine stickseed30   8400
101BoragTiquilia latior V  25500
102BrassArabis perennansperennial rock-cress40503039000
103BrassArabis pulchra var. pallens     5600
104BrassCapsella bursa-pastoris*shepherd's purse101 17000
105BrassCardaria draba*whitetop20   6800
106BrassChorispora tenella*crossflower9999 73840
107BrassDescurainia pinnatawestern tansy-mustardV  47000
108BrassDescurainia sophia*herb sophia99995017500
109BrassErysimum capitatum var. purshiiwallflower5   8400
110BrassErysimum repandum* V 16800
111BrassLepidium densiflorumcommon pepper-grass510 28000
112BrassLepidium lasiocarpum var. lasiocarpumhairy-podded pepper-grass205  6800
113BrassLepidium montanummountain pepper-grass 302017600
114BrassLepidium perfoliatum*Klamath pepper-grass2   7400
115BrassLesquerella purpurearose bladderpod305 34000
116BrassMalcolmia africana*African mustard 20  5800
117BrassRorippa nasturtium-aquaticum*water cressV  37200
118BrassSisymbrium altissimum*tumble-mustard V 17500
119BrassSisymbrium irio*London rocket10   7300
120BrassStanleya pinnataprince's plumeV40 35400
121BrassStreptanthella longirostrislongbeak streptanthella    4200
122BrassStreptanthus cordatusheartleaf jewelflower 303 6000
123BrassThelypodium integrifoliumentire-leaved thelypodiumVV 35200
124BrassThelypodium wrightiiWright's thelypody10302026800
125BrassThlaspi montanum var. fendleriwild candytuft8 1 8900
126BrassThlaspi montanum var. montanumwild candytuftV V28000
127CactaEchinocactus polycephalus var. xeranthemoidesmany-headed barrel cactus 1  4800
128CactaEchinocereus engelmanniiEngelmann's hedgehog cactus 1  4800
129CactaEchinocereus triglochidiatus var. mojavensisclaret cup1  27900
130CactaFerocactus cylindraceusCalifornia barrel cactus 1  3000
131CactaOpuntia basilarisbeavertail cactusV  14800
132CactaOpuntia chloroticapancake prickly-pearV  14000
133CactaOpuntia engelmannii var. engelmanniiEngelmann prickly-pearV  14200
134CactaOpuntia erinaceaMojave prickly-pear331017900
135CactaOpuntia phaeacanthadesert prickly-pearV7517900
136CactaOpuntia polyacantha var. nicholiiNavajo Bridge prickly-pear VV56000
137CampaLobelia cardinalis V  14500
138CampaNemacladus glanduliferusglandular nemacladus    4000
139CapriSambucus glaucablueberry elder1 1 8200
140CapriSymphoricarpos longiflorusdesert snowberry  V27800
141CapriSymphoricarpos oreophilussnowberry9930  8200
142CapriSymphoricarpos rotundifolius var. parishiiParish's snowberry V9918400
143CaryoArenaria eastwoodiaeEastwood's sandwort 5  7900
144CaryoSilene rectirameaGrand Canyon campion  5046800
145ChenoAtriplex canescensfourwing saltbush130 27100
146ChenoAtriplex rosea*tumbling oracle402 16850
147ChenoChenopodium fremontiiFremont's goosefoot20505 8000
148ChenoSalsola tragus*Russian thistle205  7000
149CrossGlossopetalon spinescens var. aridumspiny greasebush205040116550
150EricaPhyllodoce empetriformis     5600
151EuphoBernardia incanawestern bernardia3V 35500
152EuphoChamaesyce arizonica V  24000
153EuphoChamaesyce polycarpasmall-seeded spurge 10  4900
154EuphoChamaesyce revoluta V  25000
155FabacAcacia greggiicatclawV  14800
156FabacAstragalus amphioxysCrescent milkvetchV  17400
157FabacAstragalus calycosusTorrey's milkvetch1050 18000
158FabacAstragalus lentiginosus var. diphysusfreckled milk-vetch1501 7600
159FabacAstragalus lentiginosus var. palansfreckled milk-vetch V 14000
160FabacAstragalus mokiacensis     7600
161FabacAstragalus newberryi  V 16800
162FabacAstragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectus V  15800
163FabacCercis orbiculatawestern redbud1  95200
164FabacLathyrus brachycalyx ssp. zionisbush peavine2 9947000
165FabacLathyrus graminifoliusgrassleaf peavineV  57000
166FabacMelilotus officinalis*yellow sweetclover  8 8500
167FabacProsopis glandulosa var. torreyanahoney mesquite    3900
168FagacQuercus gambeliiGambel oak5059947200
169FagacQuercus turbinellashrub live oak10  18000
170FumarCorydalis aureascrambled eggs5  48000
171GarryGarrya flavescensashy silk tasselV1 17800
172GarryGarrya wrightiiWright's silktassel  1016600
173GentiFrasera albomarginatawhite-margined green-gentianV  17000
174GeranErodium cicutarium*redstem filaree 99  7600
175GeranErodium texanumTexas filareeV  14000
176GrossRibes cereum var. pedicellarewhisky currant9920428000
177GrossRibes leptanthumtrumpet gooseberry502 38200
178GrossRibes velutinumdesert gooseberry99 537900
179HydraFendlera rupicolaFendler bush40101068200
180HydraFendlerella utahensisUtah fendlerbushV1287900
181HydraPhiladelphus microphylluslittle-leaf mock orangeV1218000
182HydroEucrypta micranthadesert eucryptaVV 35200
183HydroPhacelia affinislimestone phaceliaV  16300
184HydroPhacelia crenulataheliotrope phacelia VV25000
185HydroPhacelia crenulata var. ambiguaheliotrope phacelia  V26400
186HydroPhacelia crenulata var. corrugata VV 37000
187HydroPhacelia cryptanthalimestone phaceliaV  25000
188HydroPhacelia filiformisnarrow phacelia205 38000
189HydroPhacelia glechomifoliapennyroyal leaf phaceliaVV 34800
190HydroPhacelia laxiflora V  45500
191HydroPhacelia pulchella     4600
192HydroPhacelia rotundifoliaround-leafed phacelia  V15600
193LamiaHedeoma drummondiiDrummond's false pennyroyal11 17600
194LamiaHedeoma nana ssp. nanadwarf false pennyroyal 1  5600
195LamiaMarrubium vulgare*horehound203  6800
196LamiaNepeta cataria*catnip20  36800
197LamiaSalvia dorriiblue sage 10  5500
198LamiaSalvia dorrii var. dorriiblue sage V 25500
199LinacLinum lewisii var. lewisiiLewis' flaxV19919000
200LoasaMentzelia albicauliswhite-stemmed blazing starV  27000
201LoasaMentzelia cronquistii  V 26600
202LoasaMentzelia montana V  27200
203LoasaMentzelia multifloraAdonis blazing star 40  7000
204MalvaMalva neglecta*common mallow101  8500
205MalvaSphaeralcea grossulariifoliagooseberryleaf globemallow5030 37000
206MalvaSphaeralcea parvifolialittleleaf globe mallow30 3017000
207MalvaSphaeralcea rusbyi V  14000
208NyctaAbronia nanadwarf sand verbena 5 14800
209NyctaBoerhavia intermediafivewing spiderlingV  14500
210NyctaMirabilis albida V  17900
211NyctaMirabilis multifloragiant four o'clock2020 56000
212NyctaMirabilis oxybaphoidessmooth spreading four o'clock50  17000
213OleacFraxinus anomalasingle-leaf ash103V37250
214OleacFraxinus cuspidatafragrant ash30 197500
215OnagrCamissonia chamaenerioideslong-fruit suncupV  14000
216OnagrCamissonia multijuga VV 44200
217OnagrCamissonia specuicola ssp. specuicola V  25400
218OnagrCamissonia walkeri ssp. walkeri V  13800
219OnagrOenothera albicaulis V  14600
220OnagrOenothera longissimalong evening-primroseV  18500
221PapavArgemone arizonicaRoaring Springs prickly-poppy1  45500
222PapavArgemone munitaprickly poppyV  17200
223PlantPlantago patagonicaPatagonia plantainV  27000
224PolemGilia flavocincta  V 17100
225PolemGilia ophthalmoideseyed gilia25  6500
226PolemGilia scopulorumrock giliaV  23800
227PolemIpomopsis aggregata ssp. formosissimascarlet gilia 110 8300
228PolemLeptodactylon pungensgranite prickly phlox  V27400
229PolemPhlox austromontanasouthern mountain phlox10303038200
230PolemPhlox longifolialongleaf phloxV  17200
231PolemPhlox viridis ssp. longipes V  37200
232PolygEriogonum cernuum VV 46900
233PolygEriogonum heermannii ssp. argense V  15500
234PolygEriogonum inflatumdesert trumpet320  4200
235PolygEriogonum microthecum var. laxiflorumloose-flowered buckwheat    7300
236PolygEriogonum microthecum var. simpsoniiSimpson's buckwheat50501018800
237PolygPolygonum arenastrum*knotweed2   8500
238PolygRumex acetosella*common sheep sorrelV  19000
239PortuClaytonia parviflora ssp. utahensisnarrow-leaved miner's lettuce99  25500
240PortuClaytonia perfoliataminer's lettuceV  15500
241PortuPortulaca oleraceacommon purslane  V16000
242PrimuAndrosace occidentalis V  17000
243PrimuPrimula specuicola V  17600
244RanunAnemone tuberosatuber anemoneV  15700
245RanunAquilegia chrysantha V  28000
246RanunCeratocephala testiculata*curveseed butterwort9999 36800
247RanunClematis ligusticifoliavirgin's bower2  17900
248RanunDelphinium scaposumbarestem larkspur10 2037000
249RanunMyosurus cupulatusdesert mouse-tailV  16000
250RanunThalictrum fendleriFendler's meadow-rue1013 8500
251RhamnFrangula betulifolia ssp. obovatabirchleaf buckthorn21156500
252RosacAmelanchier pumila V  17680
253RosacAmelanchier utahensisUtah service-berry995099129500
254RosacCercocarpus intricatuslittle-leaved mountain-mahogany 3V27800
255RosacCercocarpus ledifoliuscurl-leaf mountain-mahogany  10 8800
256RosacCercocarpus montanustrue mountain-mahogany 50327000
257RosacChamaebatiaria millefoliumfern bush101  7700
258RosacColeogyne ramosissimablack brushV50 45600
259RosacFallugia paradoxaApache plume110 27200
260RosacHolodiscus dumosusshrubby cream bush10 128200
261RosacIvesia arizonicarock whitefeather10 117900
262RosacPetrophyton caespitosumrock spiraeaV  57800
263RosacPrunus fasciculatadesert almond    6200
264RosacPrunus virginiana V  18200
265RosacPurshia stansburianacliffrose2040428000
266RosacRosa woodsii var. ultramontanainterior rose    8500
267RosacRubus discolor*Himalaya blackberryV  24000
268RubiaGalium aparine*common bedstrawV  18000
269RubiaGalium munzii ssp. ambivalensMunz's bedstraw40309948200
270RubiaGalium munzii ssp. munziiMunz's bedstraw    5200
271RubiaGalium stellatum ssp. eremicumdesert bedstraw V 15000
272RubiaGalium triflorumsweet-scented bedstrawV  25200
273RubiaGalium wrightiiWright's bedstraw14010 7000
274RubiaKelloggia galioidesbreakfast bedstraw  V18450
275RutacPtelea trifoliata ssp. pallida var. pallidapallid hoptree50510108150
276RutacThamnosma montanaturpentine broomV  55900
277SalicPopulus fremontii V  35200
278SalicSalix exiguanarrowleaf willowV  25000
279SalicSalix laevigatared willowV  14025
280SantaComandra umbellata ssp. pallida V  18100
281SauruAnemopsis californicayerba mansa    3760
282SaxifHeuchera parvifolia   228600
283SaxifHeuchera rubescens var. versicolorcoral bells4 148300
284ScropCastilleja applegatei ssp. martiniiMartin's paintbrush35 27800
285ScropCordylanthus parvifloruspurple bird's-beak 20  7400
286ScropMaurandella antirrhiniflora V  44500
287ScropMimulus guttatuscommon monkeyflowerV  15200
288ScropMimulus rubelluslittle redstem monkeyflower V 14800
289ScropPenstemon barbatusbeardtongue1010 18500
290ScropPenstemon eatonii ssp. undosusEaton's penstemon20 30 7800
291ScropPenstemon linarioidestoadflax penstemonV20 19000
292ScropPenstemon pachyphyllus var. congestusthickleaf beardtongue 10  7000
293ScropPenstemon palmeriPalmer's penstemon1030127000
294ScropPenstemon rostriflorusbeaked penstemonV103017900
295ScropPenstemon utahensisUtah penstemon20V 25700
296ScropVerbascum thapsus*common mullein2   7200
297SolanDatura wrightiisacred datura    4200
298SolanNicotiana obtusifolia var. obtusifolia  V 15600
299SolanPhysalis crassifoliathick-leaved ground cherryV  17400
300SolanSolanum elaeagnifolium*horse-nettle    3750
301SolanSolanum triflorumthree-flowered nightshade V 16200
302UlmacCeltis laevigata var. reticulatanetleaf hackberry1  45900
303UrticParietaria hesperapellitoryV  14800
304UrticParietaria pensylvanicaPennsylvania pellitory V 24000
305VerbeAloysia wrightiioreganilloV  14500
306ViscaArceuthobium divaricatumpinyon pine dwarf-mistletoe12520 7700
307ViscaPhoradendron juniperinumjuniper mistletoe 11 7450
308VitacParthenocissus vitaceaVirginia creeper1   3200
309VitacVitis arizonica V  25200
310AgavaAgave utahensis var. kaibabensisKaibab century plant1103 8200
311AgavaYucca baccatabanana yucca10210 7200
312AgavaYucca elatasoaptree yucca 1  5400
313CyperCarex curatorum V  18400
314CyperCladium californicumsaw-grassV  24180
315LiliaAllium bisceptrum var. palmeriAspen onion5   8300
316LiliaCalochortus ambiguus V  16000
317LiliaCalochortus flexuosuswinding mariposaV1 17000
318PoaceAchnatherum aridumMormon needlegrass20  18100
319PoaceAchnatherum hymenoidesIndian ricegrass40405 7900
320PoaceAchnatherum nelsonii ssp. dorei V  18500
321PoaceAchnatherum parishiiParish needlegrass20403 5000
322PoaceAchnatherum scribneriScribner needlegrass V 35450
323PoaceAchnatherum scribneri X A. hymenoideshybrid Scribner needlegrass V 35200
324PoaceAchnatherum speciosumdesert needlegrass V115600
325PoaceAchnatherum X bloomeri     6800
326PoaceAristida purpurea var. nealleyiblue threeawnV 114500
327PoaceAvena fatua*wild oats    8500
328PoaceBlepharoneuron tricholepis V  18500
329PoaceBouteloua curtipendulaside-oats grama503  5500
330PoaceBouteloua eriopodablack gramaV5 25500
331PoaceBouteloua trifidared gramaV  24000
332PoaceBromus anomalusnodding brome    8000
333PoaceBromus catharticus* V 26800
334PoaceBromus diandrus*ripgut brome30  16800
335PoaceBromus inermis*smooth brome5099 18800
336PoaceBromus rigidus*    6800
337PoaceBromus rubens*red brome1013026800
338PoaceBromus sterilis*poverty bromeV  17500
339PoaceBromus tectorum*downy brome999999 8100
340PoaceCynodon dactylon*Bermuda grass5V 23800
341PoaceDasyochloa pulchellafluff grassV1 15000
342PoaceDichanthelium acuminatum var. fasciculatum     7500
343PoaceDigitaria californica V  14100
344PoaceElymus elymoidessquirreltail30209918200
345PoaceElymus multisetus     7000
346PoaceElymus trachycaulusslender wheatgrass5020  8500
347PoaceEnneapogon desvauxiinine-awned pappus grass V 15200
348PoaceEragrostis cilianensis*stinkgrassV  14500
349PoaceErioneuron pilosumhairy erioneuron 2  5500
350PoaceHordeum jubatum*squirreltail barleyV  18500
351PoaceHordeum murinum*foxtail barley9999  6800
352PoaceImperata brevifoliasatintailV  24500
353PoaceKoeleria macrantha V  18500
354PoaceLeymus cinereus V  34200
355PoaceLeymus salinus ssp. mojavensis V  25670
356PoaceMuhlenbergia porteriPorter's muhlyV  15500
357PoacePascopyrum smithiiwestern wheatgrass  3 8450
358PoacePhragmites australiscommon reedV  26400
359PoacePleuraphis jamesiiJames' galleta120 15500
360PoacePoa arida V  18100
361PoacePoa bigeloviiBigelow's blue grassV  14500
362PoacePoa fendlerianamutton grass99999939000
363PoacePolypogon monspeliensis*rabbits-foot grassV  14700
364PoacePolypogon viridis*    5250
365PoaceSchizachyrium scoparium var. scoparium V  17000
366PoaceSporobolus cryptandrussand dropseedV  18000
367PoaceSporobolus flexuosusmesa dropseed    5200
368PoaceTridens muticusslim tridensVV 25500
369PoaceVulpia octoflorasix-weeks fescueV  16800


We thank all the many people who went to the time and trouble to collect vouchers for this area, so that the species list here could be compiled. That species list from the vouchers was an immense help in getting species determinations from our surveys. We specifically thank Wendy Hodgson and Glenn Rink for their voucher collection efforts, and for their direct help in getting correct determinations for some of the species we observed.

We thank Lori Makarick, the Vegetation Program Manager at Grand Canyon National Park, for creating and maintaining a spreadsheet of all the species in Grand Canyon National Park. That spreadsheet was instrumental for this project.

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